Apple Concept Designs

20 Creative Apple Concept Designs

In this post we will take a look at several different concept designs for computers, iPods, iPhones and some accessory items. Since we can’t physically hold the iPad yet (as of the publish date of this article), we can at least see what some designers have…

Animal Logos

50 Creative Logos Featuring Animals

Logos don’t always consist of simply a nice stylish type, they are often times accompanied by a symbol or icon, known as a “mark”. When executed well, these marks become iconic symbols for the company and help to create an identity in the branding process.

footer designs

55 Fabulous Footers

When we visualize the typical blog layout we see it as made up of four areas, a header, content area, sidebar and the footer. One of these sections gets the short end of the stick and unfortunately, can easily be scanned over by the reader…

Graffiti inspiration

The Colorful World Of Aerosol Art

With examples dating as far back as the Roman Empire and beyond, graffiti has and will continue to play a role in the so-called underground world of street art. To some it’s considered ugly, irresponsible and an unacceptable way to deface…