20 Free Fonts Ideal For Logos And Headings

In this collection of fonts, I wanted to focus on a few that generally work well for use with logos and headings alike. Easy to read fonts that carry a nice strong appearance with just a hint of class. Whether you’re working on a clean design or something a little more decorative, one of these fonts will surely do the trick. To help you better visualize the use of these typefaces, I used each one in its own custom design.


great lakes font


bauer font


gaps font


gnuolane font


bebas font


soolidium font


mentone font


Old Sans Black

old sans black font


kimberly font


molot font


harabara font


franchise font

Hit the Road

hit the road font


suede font

Savings Bond

savings bond font



headthinker font


lobster font

League Gothic

league gothic font

When it comes to this particular list, it’s kind of hard to beat League Gothic. It works great for headlines and I’ve personally used it before on client logos. On the other hand, Bauer took me by surprise. I had never seen it before and I became an instant fan. Have a favorite or a suggestion? Let’s here about it in the comment section.


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  1. Awesome icon list! The Gnuolane looks genius!!!

  2. Thanks for the fonts. I love the way they are displayed.

    • Thank you! I wanted to approach the list from a different direction.

  3. Thank you for the fonts!

  4. Ericka Heister

    They are all great. Really liking the Bauer font. You really showed some creativity by placing them in their own designs. Awesome!

    • I was amazed at the Bauer font. I was also surprised that I had not seen it before. A must have for font collectors.

  5. Eko

    Great font design, thanks for share the roundup of free fonts

  6. These are fantastic! Now I have to find somewhere to use ‘Bauer’, cause I love it.

    • Hard not to like the Bauer font :)

    • That looks damn close to their actual font, I wonder if that’s where it comes from. bauer.com

  7. Amanda

    Thanks for these! Just what I was looking for. :)

  8. Just what I was looking for!!
    thanks! great list! :)

  9. Cool! nice list, thanks.
    Is GAPS the same font as what the visual is showing?

  10. Thanks for sharing these useful fonts showing excellent listing

  11. Ted Thompson

    Nice collection of fonts, thanks for sharing!

  12. Idea Theorem

    Great collection!!! Harabara fonts looks good!

  13. Nice collection! I’m partial to League Gothic! Great job on displaying them!

  14. Beautiful fonts!

    • Most help articles on the web are ianccrtuae or incoherent. Not this!

  15. Excellent.. I am loving Bebas lately.. it has such an exquisite look….

  16. Beautiful list!
    Love the Lobster font. :)

  17. Dinesh

    I’ve downloaded some of them. good list.

  18. Mark

    Very beautiful fonts. I used some of these & loved it.

  19. Bebas is the best.

  20. when i saw display above i got an influence, thanks for sharing….

  21. Cleibo

    Thank you for these. I have a feeling Mentone and I will be best friends forever.

  22. Jake

    I knew Harabara would be in this list. We just did a quick logotype using it at sovoho.com.

    Although the tracking/spacing for each letter was almost random. Kerning adjustments were done manually with each letter on it’s own layer. pain in the a.

  23. Antonio Capuozzo

    what is the name of the effect u used on the great Franchise font???

  24. Was looking for LeagueGothic font. Thanks for this list.

  25. WOW, great list!
    Favorite – Savings Bond.

  26. jana

    tnx author:))

  27. Matt

    Great list, thanks!

  28. vanghoff

    tnx a lot…

  29. gugusf


  30. fajas colombianas

    I love the lobster font, thank you very much for this.

  31. Love this list and how the fonts are being presented!

  32. vahid

    thanx for shearing

  33. Wow really love these fonts. Some have a great vintage look. It’s hard to good fonts to start with when designing a logo so this’ll help out a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  34. they r very beautfl, tnx a lot…

  35. radyo dinle

    good share:)

  36. Nurul Imam

    I like Kimberly…

  37. Joseph

    The Gaps font doesn’t look the same when I click the link. I know you added the shadow yourself, but the actual letter forms are different. Is anyone else having this problem? or know where to get the one shown here.

    Also, great list, thanks.

    • Laura

      It happened to kimberly font too. The link shows a “kimberlEy”, which seems way too diferent.

  38. Zephyr49

    The “Gaps” font’s link is displaying a different font. Does anybody know the name of the original font that’s on display in the picture? Thanks! Great list btw!

  39. Chris Moncus

    Hey. Gaps links to the wrong font.

  40. great collection of unique fonts… thanks for the share

  41. tom

    molot font is wrong aswel

  42. Tyler

    I love the fonts but where can I get the backgrounds that you use with them?

  43. nada

    GreatLakes, reminds me of GTA

  44. Pretty nice logo list.
    I’m in process of creating logo for my new website, so think that Kimberly or Harabara fonts will fit my needs.

  45. Soolidium is really great, thanks for the collection…

  46. Asif

    awesome collection of fonts moreover excellent backgrounds as well :)

  47. dave

    Hi. i would like to know what font was used on the Molot picture.

  48. Keshav

    Thanks for knowledge on fonts…

  49. 7roof

    very nice collection of fonts

  50. League Gothic is my favorite.

  51. Great Collection…Very helpful for me. Thank you for the share

  52. Most of the fonts are great, but I vote for Kimberly and Bebas.
    Thanks for sharing the links to download pages!

  53. zveki

    please give us the backgrounds for those fonts or ready projects so we could just type our names?

    these fonts are amazing, bu we aint got skills like u :)



    contact me at extrasky@hotmail.com

  54. Denmark

    Hey. I see you’ve got good fonts in here. I’m actually planning to have my research paper as professional-looking as possible. Do you know of any slim font that’s good for headings? I’ve already tried some of the fonts you listed but it seems to have for an academic paper. Thanks

  55. Fantastic list bro. A logo is the symbol of an organization and these fonts are good to use. I love the way you have presented in the images too. Are these fonts available for Mac too???

  56. Huskers

    Really love the font that was used for the molot.otf picture. Any idea what it is? The Molot downloadable font is completely different. Would love the backgrounds as well. Cheers!

  57. Disc Jockeys

    Great share, folks! Thanks!
    Savings Bond font truly rocks.

  58. I love the way you have presented in the images too. thanks for share.

  59. Shiva Vemula

    Than q Very Much its such a Clean fonts

  60. Patricia Luke

    Very nice fonts.

  61. YanAndrew

    You guys must check out the Zephyr font. It’s actually a fantastic font for logos.

  62. Rana

    What a great idea to enhance photography with Logo Design. Love it most . Keep it up. Thanks

  63. askingpet

    we gonna use harabara font for our website logo

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