40 Free Fonts Ideal For Retro And Vintage Designs

Free Retro Vintage Fonts

Vintage and retro style designs can be a beautiful thing. By using a combination of rough textures, grunge patterns and brushes meant to add an aged or used appearance, designers can easily pull of this timeless look. To compliment this aged appearance, it is important to use the proper typography to help match the style you are trying to represent. To help you out, I’ve rounded up 40 attractive retro and vintage fonts to use in your designs.


Free retro and vintage fonts


Free retro and vintage fonts

Deftone Stylus

Free retro and vintage fonts

Seaside Resort

Free retro and vintage fonts


Free retro and vintage fonts

Dymaxion Script

Free retro and vintage fonts

Star Avenue

Free retro and vintage fonts


Free retro and vintage fonts

Bazar Medium

Free retro and vintage fonts

Mailart Rubberstamp

Free retro and vintage fonts

Matchbook Typefaces

Free retro and vintage fonts


Free retro and vintage fonts

Fletcher Gothic

Free retro and vintage fonts


Free retro and vintage fonts


Free retro and vintage fonts

Blue Plate Special

Free retro and vintage fonts


Free retro and vintage fonts

Day Poster Black

Free retro and vintage fonts

Circus Ornate

Free retro and vintage fonts

Diner Regular

Free retro and vintage fonts

Carnivalee Freakshow

Free retro and vintage fonts

East Market

Free retro and vintage fonts

Tall Deco

Free retro and vintage fonts


Free retro and vintage fonts

Minstrel Poster

Free retro and vintage fonts


Free retro and vintage fonts


Free retro and vintage fonts


Free retro and vintage fonts

Forty Second Street (TrueType Font)

Free retro and vintage fonts

Hamburger Heaven

Free retro and vintage fonts


Free retro and vintage fonts

Stony Island

Free retro and vintage fonts


Free retro and vintage fonts


Free retro and vintage fonts


Free retro and vintage fonts

Echo Deco

Free retro and vintage fonts

Market Deco

Free retro and vintage fonts


Free retro and vintage fonts


Free retro and vintage fonts


Free retro and vintage fonts

Find A Vintage Font You Were Looking For?

I’m hoping that you found at least one new font to add to your collection. I did my best to use each font in a sort of vintage style design so that you could see it in action. While compiling this list there were a few that I fell in love with, including Bobel, Diner Regular, Sesame and Titania just to name a few.

I would love to keep this list updated with new vintage fonts as they make their appearance on the web. If you’ve run across one that would be a great addition to the list, I would love to hear about it. Which one of these fonts did you adopt for your designs? Let the rest of us know in the comment section below. Thanks!


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  1. Allan Spece

    Well done my friend! I just adopted Campanile. Great job displaying the fonts.

    • I like Campanile as well, It’s very similar to Sesame. Thanks Allan!

    • alyssa

      youre cute :]

  2. Thank you for the big round up! I just used Seaside Resort for my last project and it works beautifully! You can see it live at http://www.festeggiano.it

    • Wow, it looks great. I love the color scheme too. It’s nice to see one of these fonts in action. Thanks Federica!

    • Dave

      Hey Federica. Site looks good but just a heads up, jQuery does not load up in IE 7 which ends up making the site look horrid. It creates a scroll bar inside of that div on the left and causes text to scroll over the navigation.

  3. Nice font collection..

    • I appreciate it Rocky! Hope you found one that you liked.

  4. Nils

    great job! I adopted about fifteen.

    • Wow, fifteen! I’m glad I could uncover so many free fonts for your collection!

  5. tom

    Awesome, these couldnt have come a batter time for me! thanks a bunch.

    • No problem Tom. I’m glad the roundup came in handy for you!

  6. Hilde

    A great collection! Nice work and thanks for sharing :D

  7. Very nice collection.
    Thanks for the share.
    I was looking for the carnivalee or something similar already a while now.

  8. This is a fabulous collection and very different! Thank you for this.

  9. WOW !! i was looking something just like this!!! what are the chances . thank you a million times

  10. This fonts are looking great. Thanks for sharing.

  11. i love the fonts but im much more impressed with the background of each example. where do you find these textures and designs?!

  12. Lisa

    Great list!
    May want to double-check before using as some say they are free for personal use :)

    • Yeah, they are not all free for commercial use, but they are for personal use. That is the case with a lot of free fonts. The good news is if you like them enough in your personal designs, they can be bought for relatively cheap. Thanks Lisa, it is good to point that out.

  13. blackvalon

    Great resource! I love retro&vintage style.

  14. Oliver

    Fantastic post! I enjoyed looking through the fonts.

  15. CentralOrbit

    OH my goodness. Looking at this list just makes me drool…
    If only I had more projects to use these fonts on! I would never tire of retro and vintage design, if only I had more excuses!

  16. Hermitbiker

    …. a fantastic collection of fonts ideal for “retro and vintage” designs that anyone can use !!

  17. Those are great fonts! Awesome post :)

  18. Yeah, really awesome fonts!!

  19. ki

    Thank you so much! I fell in love with Secesja. Had used Carnivalee Freakshow on my very first design…

  20. sir jorge

    those fonts are incredible

  21. Scott Webb

    I love all of theses fonts. Best font listing post I’ve ever come across! Thank you

  22. Jeremy

    What are the chances these might be packaged for one big download…I want them ALL! : )

  23. Great collection, many of them I’ve used in the past, but a few I’ve never seen before and really like!

  24. sir jorge

    great fonts, and great designs

  25. Awesome! instant style, in a font. Thanks for the collection!

  26. Superb fonts I especially love the Diner Regular font.

  27. I love this but i always have a hard time installing new fonts :(

  28. Rick

    Thank you…Studebaker is MINE! heh heh heh

  29. Thanks. The font diner regular reminds me of a really expensive font that I almost had to buy called knockout, plus it works in other design situations and not just retro.

  30. Thank you! so useful for my future work! hehe :P

  31. Deftone Stylus, Airstream, Hamburger Heaven, Ballpark, Studebaker, Market Deco, Kelvinized, Titania, and Sandwich are my favorites.

  32. Rone

    Man…I absolutely love the way you’ve displayed the fonts, really gives you a good idea how they can work in a Vintage inspired design…well done. In fact I’m now on the hunt for some similar background images…..awesome.

  33. KJ

    Thank you so very much. I will honestly download them all… they are fantastic and I am sure I will need them in the future.

  34. Just StumbleUpon’d you and I’m so glad I did. They’re all so pretty. Thanks for posting! :)

  35. lita

    thank you so muchhh.. love it :)

  36. Cleibo

    I love the display of the fonts, it’s so clean and organized :D

  37. Dan@ASC

    Thanks very much Shawn! I’m very surprised I haven’t noticed this thread before now – several additions to my personal collection, and I think Secesja fits the bill for my personal blog!

    Thanks again!

  38. Great roundup, thank you!

  39. great font collectionn!

  40. Thanks for the fonts. I love star avenue.

  41. Big Dreams Embroidery

    Thank you so much – you’ve chosen wonderful fonts. I really love Parisian font.

  42. I love to see all the effort put into displaying these fonts. Very nice work and way more interesting than just seeing them displayed in b/w.

  43. Samantha

    Beautiful work :)

  44. I love several of these fonts including stony island. However, as I am not a graphics or technical person I was wondering if someone could explain to me how/if these fonts would work in other browsers.

    I’m currently using Airstream for 1 particular part of my site, but I then I saw my site on a friends computer and the airstream reverted to Times. I think I solved the problem by making and inserting a jpeg of the text. But I’d love to change the font I enter my content in. Arial is not capturing the mood I’m aiming for!


  45. fajas colombianas

    The presentation of the fonts look very clean and well done.

  46. Faris

    Thanks, very beautiful list, and very well displayed.

  47. Subrato Mitra

    A big THANK YOU !!

  48. PIPPA


  49. john

    dude. this is really awesome

  50. masha

    Great! Thanks so much!

  51. tia

    RAD! (…yes, I said rad). Many thanks!

  52. Selena

    Thank you !!! Awesome!!!

  53. Thank You very much. Free fonts are sure to be appreciated by template designers here @ Templamatic =))

  54. I am so thrilled that I found your website. You found a great collection of fonts that I have forwarded to my designer. This is awesome!

  55. Thanks allot for sharing, this is awesome!

  56. hotfof

    This artwork is realy amazing!
    thx for sharing!
    grtz, hotfof

  57. heaters

    thanks for sharing…..great list….awesome

  58. nice fonts ..thanks for sharing

    • Joana

      loved the fonts!
      it really makes the vintage logo excel!


  59. Beautiful font collection. Thanks for sharing … appreciated!

  60. jana

    fantastic collection, thanks!

  61. Jordan

    These are alright. Personally, I like times new roman best.

  62. Nothing makes me more giddy that free fonts, these are all absolutely incredible! Thank you so much for posting this!!

  63. Have been looking around all day for Vintage fonts. This is by far the best collection that I have seen.

  64. henshed

    This is why I love the interweb. THANK YOU!

  65. Great collection, thanks for sharing! :-)

  66. A

    Great fonts! Think I just had an orgasm…

  67. Thank you for putting the list together. I was able to get many new ones. I liked Parisian and Rubberstamp the best.

  68. Metin

    thank you, perfect fonts!

  69. GA

    Can these be used for a website logo design? Such as for a bar/lounge? I don’t want to get sued for copyright infringement… it says “free” and that could just mean free to download, but not necessarily to use for a business. Hope for a quick response, thank you!!

  70. Im a fan of the Babel logo..

  71. Wow these are really great gallery of beautiful vintage fonts..good thing they are free downloadable..thanks for sharing good stuff :)

  72. good collection thanks for sharing it

  73. Thanks for a great collection of fonts!

    Deftone Stylus is not necessarily my favorite, but it is totally perfect for an embroidery project I am working on.

  74. Louise

    Thanks so much for these! They are all wonderful! Bellerose, Ballpark and
    Rubberstamp are some of my favourites! I’m so happy that I came across your site, its really great :)

  75. Great classic fonts! thanks for posting it..

  76. Lisa

    There are really great :) about to try out Rubberstamp now

  77. John

    Wow, you nailed this. Great list.

  78. thanks! your way to display these is so inspiring..

  79. Jane

    Thanks Much – a lovely collection!

  80. One of the best collections and most helpful posts I’ve come across recently. Hats off and sincere thanks, Shawn! : )

  81. Joe

    Good Job. Fonts presented beautifully!

  82. awesome collection of fonts thanks for sharing it

  83. Sam

    Great collection! I just grabbed Fletcher Gothic for an art project and I’m sure to come back for more. <3

  84. Louise

    Fantastic. Thanks for saving my evening – and my sisters wedding invitation :)

  85. Thanks for compiling these Shawn, Carnivalee works perfectly for a project i am working on! :)

  86. Fantastic collection, I did not have the majority of these, so I grabbed a bunch! I’m off to share your post on my facebook page now!

  87. excellent fonts…thanks for sharing

  88. daniela

    this is absolutely brilliant! thank you very very so much

  89. Leah

    What an extremely awesome list! Thanks so much for posting!

  90. anon

    Bobel font link is dead, can be found here though:


  91. zaipamn

    My choice is “Sesame” for being neat in style.

    • All three weights plus the Open Type feturaes (contextual alternates, swash, etc) work for me; I downloaded it when I posted this last month. If something isn’t working, you can contact the Lost Type Co-op and I bet they can help you.

  92. I used bellerose for the typography of my logo! It’s a great font. (just don’t use it if you are an SEO consultant.. jk)

  93. David

    Great job. I was looking for a 40s font and the tall deco looks ideal.

  94. Lisa

    Life Saver! ;-)

  95. Deb

    I love these fonts. I’m doing a sign for my wall at home (DIY craft) and I’d love to find two of these in stencil format. Do you know where I can get them? I’m certainly willing to buy them. I am a newbie at the creative thing so no free hand for me. Thanks

  96. Thank you for sharing!!

  97. loved bobel! thank you so much <3

  98. Thxxxxxx you for sharing

  99. very nice font and god for logo create

  100. manu

    so beautiful thank you

  101. I like the Titania style the best possibly. Plan to pass this around, so really good looks on it.

  102. Thank you so much!!

  103. Amy

    Thank you, thank you! This is just what I was looking for! Great roundup!!

  104. sol

    lovely fonts, even lovelier backgrounds. where oh where can i go to get them. cheers

  105. bicyclecomics

    Beautiful! We actually used Seaside Resort and Stony Island as display typefaces in a recent book; glad to see them reunited on this list!

  106. i love this fonts, i can imagine many many ways in which i could use them in different situations and for different purposes and needs. Even if, i’m sticking with Sandwich, my favourite cause it’s at the same time retro and fresh, original and nostalgic. I really appreciate this collection, thank you

  107. Very nice font. Good for creating logo. Lovely looking. Thanks for this kinds of post.

  108. Conrad

    Hamburger Heaven is cool.

    I’m searching for a 70’s Tool Box (Snap-On, MAC, Matco Tools) Font.

    The big First letter

    Burger is clean though. Good site bro. Thank you

  109. michael

    what is the font used for first banner saying ” RETRO FONT “?

  110. Lenna Wyatt

    I guess I’ll never find the one I want from my old computer that crashed. I’ve been through thousands of fonts looking for it. I made labels for all my clear kitchen canisters with it but don’t remember the name. I thought it looked like a 40s font like you see on Poirot TV scenes.

  111. jenn

    hi what font is the banner? (:

  112. Eduardo Vallejo

    Would lover to know which font you used for the header “Retro Fonts”

  113. long vĩ

    how to download?

  114. Darran

    Really great fonts for that authentic look

  115. Sruthi

    Good one!

  116. Tarun

    Very Lovely fonts.

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