30 Awesome Examples Of Typography Animation

animated typography

The art and technique of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs is what we know as typography. When properly used in print and graphical depictions it can yield some very cool effects.

What happens when we take this motionless art and give it the freedom of animation? Through the talented minds of some creative designers, animated typography (aka kinetic typography) comes to life. In this compilation, 30 Awesome Examples Of Typography Animation, I have scoured the video hosting sites and collected some really amazing representations of animated typography.

01. F is for Fail

F is for Fail is a short film about the creative process, and the failure we always encounter, but usually overcome. Told using the alphabet, each letter informs us of the state of the protagonist’s creativity/state of mind.

02. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

A  very well put together typography animation created by Seth Brau.

03. Anchorman Typography

A 1:00 quote from the move. “60 percent of the time it works everytime”.

04. Fight Club – Chemical Burn

A typography experiment animated and designed by graphic artist Sebastian Jaramillo based on the movie Fight Club.

05. Streetlight Manifesto – Typography

A short little song with some cool typography.

06. Duck and Cover

Typography assignment using audio from an old public service announcement called “Duck and Cover” from the 50s. Created in After Effects.

07. The Big Lebowski Typography

Scene from the The Big Lebowski in Typography. Thanks to Jesus Quintana, The Dude and Walter Sobchak.

08. South Park Make Love Not Warcraft

The ‘Make Love not Warcraft’ scene from South Park made for a motion graphics intro class.

09. Typolution

This one focuses on single characters rather than words, but was too good not to include on the list.

10. Citizen Cope – Let The Drummer Kick (AFX)

Typographic animation of Citizen Cope’s song “Let the Drummer Kick”.  It really picks up after the first 30 secs.

11. Pulp Fiction in Motion Graphics

A scene from the pop culture move Pulp Fiction animated in typography. Profanity and all.

12. Are You Gonna Be My Girl?

From the band Jet, an in-your-face lyrical animation.

13. Typo in Motion – What’s he building in there?

A typographical animation of Tom Wait’s Poetry.

14. Devil’s Advocate in Typography

Al Pacino’s speech on GOD all in typography.

15. Acoustic “Hey Ya” Typography Music Video

An animated type acoustic cover of Outkast’s song “Hey Ya”.

16. Psychiatric Answering Machine Typography Animation

This one is out there… in a creative way.

17. Social Life, With Friends

Created with Adobe AfterEffects CS3 in seven hours from conception to completion. “So You Want A Social Life, With Friends” – Kenneth Koch

18. Blink 182 – Online Songs Kinetic Typography

Starts out slow and then hits you with some amazing use of After Effects.

19. Why So Serious? The Dark Knight Typography.

Animation done with Sony Vegas, of a scene of The Dark Knight.

20. Symptom Finger

Hold on to your seat, Symptom Finger will take you on a wild ride.

21. Zoolander Typography

Funny animated type quote from the movie Zoolander.

22. Truth

A short animation with a message. Made of nothing else but Typography.

23. V for Vendetta in Kinetic Typography

Over 500,000 views with a 5-star rating. The scene in V for Vendetta in which V introduces himself to Eevy, in a long rambling string of alliteration.

24. Typography Project

Starcraft typography side project inspired by Shinhan Proleague in Seoul, Korea.

25. Portal – Still Alive Typography

The ending song to Portal typographied.

26. Eric Hutchinson – OK It’s Alright With Me

Eric Hutchinson’s new video for OK It’s Alright With Me from the album Sounds Like This.

27. Typographics

Typography explained through animated type.

28. Requiem For A Dream In Typography

The “You’re on uppers” scene in Requiem For A Dream portrayed using nothing but kinetic typography.

29. 300 Kinetic Typography

Typography from the 2007 Motion Picture 300 directed by Zack Snyder.

30. Wedding Crashers: The Perfect Girl in Typography

The scene in the beginning of the movie where Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) says what he really thinks about the idea of dating.

Bonus: Optix: Inlingua


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  1. What a brilliant collection! Love them all. I really want to learn how to do these things.

    Any tuts on this?


  2. really nice work….

    I collaborated with a cool developer/designer from Australia for this cross-promotional piece. i think you all might like it.

    “internal revolution”

    Poem by Steve Zodiac, Kinetic Type & design by Matthew Bibby & Original Score by SpazeCraft One. c2009


    thanks for checking out, if you would like to repost, please just send me a note that you did so. thanks & enjoy…
    Peace Aaron

  3. Hey good list!!!
    You must check some cool Jquery Animations here http://motyar.blogspot.com/search/label/Animation


  4. Awesome!!
    Thanks for sharing

  5. conrad

    Great collection thanks for sharing…….

  6. Hi, love the collection, just started trying to do this sort of thing, please check out my forst attempt! Cheers,


  7. Beautiful collection, we will definitely use some of them for inspiration on our next work. Thank you!

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