tilt shift

60+ Examples Of Tilt-Shift Photography

Tilt-shift photography takes advantage of two aspects of movement: rotation of the lens relative to the image plane (tilt) and movement of the lens parallel to the image plane (shift). Often times special lenses are used with the camera to achieve…


100 Clever Designer Logos

What better way to have your business stick into the minds of your customers than to have a unique creative logo that they can not forget. These days, designers are creating some very clever logos that often times play off of the text/font of the company name.

flash websites

20 Creative Flash Websites

Flash websites don’t always get the attention that they sometimes deserve. When it comes to graphics, sound and interactivity they con often prove to be quite an experience for the user. In this roundup, I scoured the web and found a collection of…

50 Amazing Out Of Bounds Photos

Out of bounds (OOB) photos can be a unique way to manipulate images or photos adding depth and realism to the subject. This list contains some of the best out of bounds photos that I’ve found on the Internet.