50 Amazing Home Office Workstation Setups

50 Home Office Setups

While we like to write about web design here at Bluefaqs, I thought that it would be a nice break from the norm to showcase just where some of the action takes place in the home of a designer. As more people are turning to this idea of working from home both part-time and full, the home office setup has become the center point to where some amazing ideas have formed and taken shape.

I literally crawled through thousands of submissions to see how people go about creating this personalized space, focusing on lighting, monitor setups, decorations, peripherals and anything that makes it a beautiful productive place to get things done.

If your looking to setup a new home office from scratch, or are just in need of a redesign, here is a showcase of 50 Amazing Home Office Workstation Setups to help inspire you.

01. Leopard Fever | Crouching Donkey

leopard fever

02. Apple UMBP Setup | psleda

Apple UMBP Setup with 2 Benq E2200HD monitors on Ergotron Arms

03. My Office v.3.0 Panorama | nuntius

v30 panorama

04. My Desktop | Quattro Vageena


05. Temporarily Together | raw reflex

temporarily together

06. MacBook Pro and Benq E2200HD-1 | psleda

Ergotron&Unibody MacBook Pro&Benq E2200HD-2

07. Apple Cinema Display Setup | veryMickey

cinema display

08. New Office Setup (Sept. 09) | penningtonj

new office setup

09. iMac | MB!


10. Workstation | ^_^


11. The Emotion Studio | timsamoff

the emotion studio

12. My New Desk Done | steve price82


13. Spring in Cincinnati | ekalb


14. Home Office Full View | Salman S. Qadeer

home office

15. New Silly Mac Setup 2 | michaelbystrom

silly mac

16. iMac 24 2.4 | Rikyman


17. One More | Chris Marshall

one more

18. The Serene Workspace | Schodts

work space

19. Apple Setup with Ergotron Desk Stands | psleda

apple setup

20. My Workspace | tuartboy

my workspace

21. My Desk | Justin Griswold

my desk

22. My Messy Workspace | bigbold

messy workspace

23. Monitors Overview | mitch haile

monitors overview

24. IMAC08-004 | nycGRAEME


25. Home Studio | COPPERLINE

home studio

26. My Desk | kihlbom


27. Bedroom Workspace | LewSpeight

bedroom workspace

28. Setup | DeclanTM


29. Ikea Desk In The Home Office | Vince Welter

ikea desk

30. Workstation 2009 May | rus-star-dot-com


31. My Desk At Work | wallywallywoo

my desk2

32. The (New) Famous Home Office | Stefan Didak

home office2

33. Minimalspace | Nick Humphries


34. My New, Even More Awesome Setup | Cold Eskimo


35. Setup: Revision Four | Will Dawson


36. New Setup | Rob ‘n’ Rae


37. New Mac Pro 8-core | JoshTrefethen.com


38. Office At Night | dehlz

office at night

39. Updated Apple Workspace | humedini


40. Workspace | B.Romain


41. My Desk | mathew.cotterill


42. My Home Office | dziner

home office3

43. My Desk, My Stuff | larissaherbst


44. My Office At New Place | dehlz


45. Desk Close Up | Anthony Grimes


46. Friday Evening Desk | Lalogo.fr


47. | Works*


48. Home Office – 08 | Andrew Egenes

Home Office - 13

49. The System Attic | purplelime


50. Desktop | Normanbolditalic



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  1. I love #23 with the giantic panoramic beach picture! It’s not his home, but you should have posted a pic of Leo Laporte’s home-like office….

  2. Thanks! :)

  3. hamster

    Half the words macs in one place

  4. hamster


  5. andrey

    super can simply read out. Interestingly outlined.

  6. All the setups are awesome.

  7. I was wondering how come the photo of my desk on my flickr stream has so many views until i checked references. LoL

  8. Natalie

    Amazing!!! if only i had the funds, and a room big enough lolz!!! APPLE ROX

  9. gamememe

    Really cool I’ll build for me a workspace at home like that.

  10. Joe B

    What is the deal with all the Macs and Apple keyboards? Not that they don’t look nice, but seems the list is a little biased towards Apple setups.

    • Joe, the list was in no way biased towards Apple setups. I myself am sitting in front of a Dell as I type this. When it comes to hunting down attractive looking setups, there just happen to be significantly more images of Apple VS. PC setups that have been submitted throughout the web. That’s the only reason you’ll find more of them within this compilation.

  11. Some cool set ups. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Kmlacida

    No. 34 and 42 are my faves. :) Clean and elegant with a touch of yummy colors.

  13. Tereza

    Pretty neat. This deserves to be shared elsewhere.

  14. Amazing Workstations :D

  15. Multiple pc screens is obviously a must for a home office!

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