Creative People You Should Be Following On Twitter

Twitter is quickly becoming the number one source for design related links, tips and talk. It’s just an excellent platform for sharing the abundance of creativity that can be found within the design community. That being said, there are certain individuals on Twitter who consistently tweet excellence and are particularly good at spreading both creative and awesome design related content.

Creative People on Twitter

Twitter liammckay

Liam McKay – @liammckay
Liam is a web designer who continues to blow me away with his work. He runs Function Web Design & Development Blog and is currently working on WPBundle, which will be launching soon.

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Chris Spooner – @chrisspooner
Chris is an amazing designer who runs two different design blogs, SpoonGraphics and Line25. His tutorials are a step above what you would typically find in the design world.

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Milos Sutanovac – @mixn
Milos is a young, up-and-coming designer who is currently studying design over in Germany. He’s an overall great guy who consistently tweets useful links. +10pts for securing the short name.

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Sickdesigner – @sickdesigner
A new member of the Smashing Network with his Sickdesigner blog, he has blown me away with some of the work that I’ve seen him create. Expect to see big things from this guy in the near future.

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Jin Yang – @jzy
A professional bacon eater with a keen eye for design. He blogs at and can usually be spotted bouncing tweets back in forth between @drawar and @iamFinch.

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Soh Tanaka – @SohTanaka
If you don’t know this guy, you should change that immediately. He’s a designer and front-end developer who is always creating amazing work. His site,, speaks for itself and will back that up.

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wegraphics – @wegraphics
These guys produce some amazing design resources. They recently did a top-notch redesign on their site/blog which now sells their unique resources either through subscription or individually.

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Brian Hoff – @behoff
Brian is a designer, writer, speaker and design thinker. He’s done work for many big clients and is very knowledgeable about anything design related. He shares this knowledge with others at The Design Cubicle.

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Alex Charchar – @retinart
A lover of design and an excellent writer, Alex is extremely passionate about his work. You can read his articles over at Retinart which reflect on the joyous elegance of graphic design & creative thought.

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Fabio Sasso – @abduzeedo
Fabio is another talented graphic designer who runs the inspiration mother-load of websites, Abduzeedo. He consistently publishes high-end graphic design tutorials and is a must follow on Twitter.

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jina – @jina
Jina is a user experience designer at Engine Yard, founder of Art in My Coffee and a Grad student at Academy of Art University. She writes over at which is her online journal and portfolio.

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Roger Byrne – @imrogb
Roger is a talented photographer and is the advertising manager over at Envato. I have been following him for quite some time now and always enjoy his witty tweets and design links.

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Sean Farrell – @brand_clay
I first found Sean over at LogoPond and was immediately drawn to his work. He’s an excellent graphic designer who consistently cranks out high-quality work. He also runs the site

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Webdesigner Depot – @DesignerDepot
Webdesigner Depot publishes some really great content on their site. The same can be said about the tweets that they share. If you’re not already one of their 193,000 followers, you should jump on board.

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James White – @Signalnoise
James is a graphic designer based out of Halifax. He designs, blogs, speaks and hosts a weekly live broadcast. I like this guy so much, I’ve got one of his posters hanging in my office. Check out his t-shirts too.

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Design Shack – @designshack
Design Shack is a very unique design blog which pays special attention to high quality articles. In addition, they have an extensive gallery and community news section. Follow them for great design links.

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Jacob Cass – @justcreative
Jacob is a great guy who has also done design work for several big clients. He has a strong following on Twitter and shares many helpful design links there. Look for him on

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Finch – @iamFinch
Francisco has been working in the design world for over 10 yrs. He writes beautiful articles over at and shares some great links and insight on Twitter. He is not a “rockstar, a ninja, or a guru”.

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bkmacdaddy designs – @bkmacdaddy
Brian is a web and graphic designer who can be found tweeting a ton of design links 24/7. I honestly don’t know how he does it. He has been in the business since 1998 and has a site over at

twitter list

colaja – @colaja
Nikola is a web designer and blogger who runs the site He and I have been friends on Twitter for quite sometime and I can vouch that he tweets some great links.

twitter list

Piervincenzo Madeo – @piervix
Former owner of PV.M Garage, Piervincenzo is a web designer, coder and blogger with a love for creativity. He can now be found behind the scenes of creating some amazing resources.

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Chetan R – @cheth
Chetan is a web and graphic designer who runs the design blog He has a large following on Twitter where he tweets about anything design related. You should give him a follow.

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Collis – @collis
Collis is one of the founders of The Envato Network. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, that name should sound very familiar. Do yourself a favor and follow this guy. His tweets always come in handy.

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Jon Phillips – @jophillips
Jon is the editor and founder of SpyreStudios, an online magazine for designers and developers that really puts out some great content. He is good at what he does and shares excellent content on Twitter.

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Chris Coyier – @chriscoyier
Chris is a web designer who blogs over at He’s always tinkering around with code and creating awesomeness. Along with Jeff Starr, he wrote the book “Digging into WordPress”.

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Marco Kuiper – @marcofolio
Marco is another designer that I have been following for a while. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to coding. The proof is in the pudding, check out some of his content on his site

twitter list

Psdtuts – @psdtuts
Like I really need to introduce this blog to you. Psdtuts is the premier tutorial site for Photoshop users. If you use Photoshop at all, do yourself a favor and follow them.

twitter list

Mike Lane – @mlane
Mike is a Senior UX Designer with 15 years experience in creative Web and Graphic Design. He has a strong following on Twitter reliably tweets links to design-related content. He’s a nice guy too.

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Nick La – @nickla
Nick is the creator of themify, ndesign, webdesignerwall, bestwebgallery, and icondock. He’s quite active on the web and a great person to follow. Have you seen his Koi illustration? Wow!

twitter list

Jason Santa Maria – @jasonsantamaria
Jason is the founder and principal of the design studio Mighty, creative director for Typekit and an all around creative person. He is well known in the design community and has a huge following on Twitter.

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Janko Jovanovic – @jankowarpspeed
Janko is a talented UI designer, software engineer, blogger, speaker and artist. He both writes and tweets valuable content and I highly recommend that you follow him. He also travels at warp speed.

twitter list

Dan Cederholm – @simplebits
Among many other things, Dan is the co-founder and designer of Dribbble. He is the author of three popular books and enjoys sharing his simplistic approach to web design. This guy is talented!

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Meagan Fisher – @owltastic
Meagan is a 23 year old designer with a passion for good design, well written markup, owls, and Macs. She writes about web design at her blog, and is also the deputy designer at

twitter list

Cameron Moll – @cameronmoll
Cameron is a designer, speaker, and author living in Sarasota, Florida. I just recently started following him because Twitter recommended that I did for two weeks straight. It was a wise choice, great links!

twitter list

Web Design Ledger – @webdesignledger
I keep up with a lot of design blogs and webdesignledger is one of my favorite. They pay extra attention to the quality of their articles and I find that quite admirable. You should follow them on Twitter.

twitter list – @aextnet
Aext is a great web design blog featuring tutorials, collections, industry insights, and other resources. I’ve been following Lam for a while now both on his blog and Twitter. His coding tutorials are spot on.

twitter list

Richie Thimmaiah – @richbugger
Richie is a web enthusiast who is also a graduate in Electronics Engineering. Another designer that I have been following for a while now who is sure to fill your Twitter stream with valuable design links.

twitter list

Kyle Steed – @kylesteed
Kyle has been in the graphic design business for over 10 yrs. He’s always creating cool stuff like the Clumsy font he recently released. You should definitely follow him and also check out his new store.

twitter list

Paul0v2 – @Paul0v2
Paulo provides inspirational posts for Abduzeedo on a regular basis. He’s a lover of design and a great person to follow on Twitter. He also has an impressive portfolio over at the Behance Network.

twitter list

Jean-Baptiste Jung – @catswhocode
Jean-Baptiste is a WordPress developer, blogger, entrepreneur and animal rights supporter. He is the author of WordPress Cookbook and a regular author of articles on Smashing Magazine.

twitter list

Elliot Jay Stocks – @elliotjaystocks
Elliot Jay Stocks is a name that you should be familiar with. He is a designer, an illustrator, a speaker, and an author. His work is a step above awesome and can be viewed over at

twitter list

Naomi Atkinson – @naomisusi
I recently started following Naomi after seeing some of her work on Twitter. She is a talented designer and illustrator who is about to launch her own design company. Check out her pixel patterns set.

twitter list

Trent Walton – @TrentWalton
Trent has been dominating the web lately. He is experienced in HTML, CSS, graphic design, user experience, information architecture and more. He is also one of the founders of Follow him!

twitter list

Paddy Donnelly – @paddydonnelly
Paddy is an Irish web designer, blogger, interviewer and illustrator currently living in Belgium. He first grabbed my attention with his excellent article “Life Below 600px”. An interesting person to follow.

twitter list

Tim Van Damme – @maxvoltar
Tim is a freelance designer at Made by Elephant and writes at He first caught my attention with some awesome shots on dribbble and I have been following him ever since.

twitter list

Rogie – @rogieking
Rogie owns the site Komodo Media, an icon shop, a blog, a portfolio and an experiment lab. Although he is currently on a “Social Detox”, He’s a great resource on Twitter and will be back soon.

twitter list

simurai – @simurai
I don’t know what else to say about this guy except, wow! Some of the CSS3 experiments that he has put together over at are more than impressive. Check out his rocker switches.

twitter list

Dustin Curtis – @dcurtis
Dustin is a very interesting character. He writes some amazing articles and his tweets are quite original. His avatar seems to change on a weekly basis, just look for the lightning bolt. He is also a superhero.

twitter list

Vitor Lourenço – @vl
Vitor is the product designer at Twitter. Need I say more? He’s been with the company since 2008 and has also worked with Yahoo. Yeah, and he’s only 23 years old. Expect great things from this guy!

twitter list

Jeffrey Zeldman – @zeldman
Dubbed King of Web Standards by Business Week, Jeffrey Zeldman was one of the first designers, bloggers, and independent publishers on the web, and one of the first web design teachers. Nuff said!

twitter list

Paul Boag – @boagworld
Paul is the founder of the web design agency Headscape, host of the boagworld podcast and author of the website owners manual. He spends as much time talking about web design as actually doing it.

twitter list

Jacob Gube – @sixrevisions
Jacob is the founder and chief editor of Six Revisions and co-founder of Design Instruct . He’s also a web developer/designer who specializes in front-end development and PHP development.

twitter list

Antonio Lupetti – @Woork
Antonio is the founder of the web design blog, Woork Up. His blog is a member of the Smashing Network and he is quite popular on Twitter. Follow him for interesting design discussions and links.

twitter list

Chris Herbert – @chrisherbert1
Chris is a digital artist/designer, humanlinkmachine™, Apple evangelist & tech enthusiast. He is also a contributor to I’ve been following him for a while and enjoy the links he shares.

twitter list

Sheri Strykowski – @writer_sheri
I’ve been following Sheri for a long time now on Twitter. She is a wonderful source for design links and anything creative. Not only is she well versed in design, she is a kind person as well.

twitter list

Nicholas Patten – @nicholaspatten
Nicholas is many things. He’s a video editor, graphic/web designer and IT director who is interested in architecture, tutorials and social media. Follow him on Twitter for a variety of useful links.

twitter list

Martin Angelov – @Tutorialzine
Martin runs one of the best web design sites out there, Tutorialzine. He’s currently pursuing a degree in computer engineering and has been doing web development for as long as he can remember.

twitter list

Sneh Roy – @LBOI
Sneh is a web consultant, logo designer and illustrator from Sydney, Australia. She runs the blog where she posts both creative and original design related articles.

twitter list

Inspired Magazine – @inspiredmag
Inspired Magazine is a daily inspiration source for web designers, illustrators, Twitter addicts, iPhone lovers, and other creative humans. Not only is their blog great, but so are the tweets they deliver.

twitter list

Nettuts+ – @nettuts
If you want to learn web design, follow this blog now. Nettuts+ has taught my a ton of skills and shared many great links with the Twitter community. They specialize in HTML, CSS, Javascript, CMS’s, PHP…

twitter list

drawar – @drawar
Drawar is a fast growing design community that has recently sprung up. Scrivs is the man behind the scenes and doesn’t hold back when it comes to his opinion about design. Great articles, great links.

twitter list

David Cristian – @ColourOfAir
David is a web/graphic designer who has been in the business for a little over 5 years now. He’s an extremely creative person who actively shares great links on Twitter. You should give him a follow.

twitter list

Veerle Pieters – @vpieters
Veerle is a Belgian graphic & web designer, author of Veerle’s blog ( and founder of Duoh. She’s a colorlover for life who loves to listen to deep house music while designing.

twitter list

Creattica – @creattica
Creattica is a gallery of great design and inspirational imagery, where only the best work is accepted and featured. Their site is a tremendous source of inspiration as well as their tweets.

twitter list

Duane Kinsey – @Logobird
Duane is co-founder of Logobird Designs, an award wining logo and brand identity design company. He’s active on Twitter and has an impressive portfolio over at

twitter list

Codrops – @codrops
Team Codrops is a fresh dynamic coding factory. If you’re interested in jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, etc. you should give them a follow. You should also check out some of their tutorials over at

twitter list

Smashing Magazine – @smashingmag
I’m not really sure why I included Smashing Magazine on this list, with over 1/4 million followers, you’re probably already following them. If you don’t know the name do yourself a favor and follow them now.

twitter list

Shawn Ramsey – @shawnramz
Hello, I’m the author of this post and created bluefaqs back in 2009. If you’re interested in anything related to graphic and web design, you should follow me on Twitter.

Who Did We Miss On Twitter?

Is there someone who stands out in your mind as being a very talented and creative person that uses Twitter? Maybe that person is you? If you can think of someone who would be a great addition to this list, let me know in the comment section below.


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  1. great list but you missed me. hehe :))

    • I knew I would forget a few people. I’ve been following you forever too. I’ve got you fixed up now ;)

  2. Love the list…many I follow, and the others I soon will!


  3. Ericka

    Excellent list of creative people. I follow a good bit of them, but some I didn’t know. Thanks!

  4. Thumbs up! :-D Thanks for the list.

    —I tweet about graphic/web design and typography:

  5. Great recommendations! I was in fact already following some of the guys on the list.

    Happy to have found @Colaja @Mixn and @bkmacdaddy on this list as they have been awesome people to relate with and follow for a while now.

  6. Wow, your top-of-the-head list of awesome creative people includes 47 men and only 2 women? Seriously?

  7. Peter S. Seeburg


  8. Nice list!
    I think you missed @codrops they make excellent tutorials for designers using jQuery, have a look at their website
    [I’m @musingspuntoit on Twitter]

    • I did miss them and just added them. I’ve been following them for a long time now. I love their tutorials. Thanks for the heads up!

  9. Mark Hawkins

    Brilliant. Thanks for the inspirational list.

  10. Corey Michaud

    @vividcolorfresh check me out!

  11. Great list,

    I follow most of these, will be adding the rest :) I’m @designstuffdaily on twitter, posting more great content! (I hope… :D)

  12. Nicki

    It is interesting that there are only two women on here. I realised that Swissmiss is the only woman I follow already too!

    Why do people think this is?? In real life I know many women who are creative and arty. Seems its like cooking and hairdressing, plenty of women at the lower levels, but its mainly men who go on to be high profile chefs and hair stylists and own restaurants and salons.

    Interesting debate!

  13. Great list Shawn. I did a similar list recently over on my blog that you might want to check out. It is more focused on logo and identity designers however. You can find it right at the bottom of the popular posts heading in sidebar.

    The only problem with these sorts of post is that there will always be those who feel as though they were left out (I must have received at least 20 emails after my post).

    Like what you are doing over here. Keep up the good work!

    • I had a few people that I follow recommend you. I checked out your portfolio and was impressed. Welcome aboard :)

  14. Fabulous list, thanks!!

    Looks like us ladies need to start stepping it up though!

  15. Great list ! I’d love to see where some of these people get their inspiration, especially what they draw on that comes from outside their discipline – might make a cool survey/article.

    Thanks for putting this together!

  16. Great list! I’d really appreciate if you check out our twitter and add us to the list as well:

  17. Are all of these people bundled in a single public Twitter list?


    • I actually took the time to add all of these people into a list, only to have it MIA the following morning. I’ll try again today.

  18. Good to see I’m following a good bit of these people.

    Excellent list! Thanks!

  19. I’m honored, Shawn… I’m not that active on Twitter lately.. but hoping to bounce back up and become more active than ever in a few days :)

    Thanks for the mention :)

    • You bet, Richie! We go back a long way on Twitter :)

  20. Stu

    You missed out David Airey… does some awesome brand work and runs Identity Designed.

  21. Stu

    Sorry – forgot to say that this is a great list… really impressive and points to some really inspirational people. Thanks!!!

  22. Really great list. We’ve just tipped a toe in the Twitter waters, but will get round to following a bunch soon.

    Meanwhile, a small bid for recognition for the creatively demanding discipline of designing – to tight briefs – in 3D, which is what we do.

    Most of our early Tweets are experimental as we install in Murmansk: it will settle down a bit soon.

    Meanwhile, feel free to follow at


  23. Great list Shawn and I am honored to be on it with some great creatives :-) Thanks for including me and sharing this list! Cheers!

  24. Vanessa MacLeod

    Wow. Great list! Why so few women?

  25. Great list. Same people all the time though. And there is only three women…

  26. Sharron Tiggs

    I honestly can’t name but a handful of women web/graphic designers. Especially ones who are active on Twitter. To me it makes sense that there are far fewer women than men on this list.

    Great list by the way! Picked up a few I wasn’t aware of.

  27. irshaid tayeb

    Great list , i followed some of them , thanks

  28. Fifi

    to bad theres so few woman on that list! tha means we have to work harder to make our names on the list . Hope to make to the next list! : )

  29. In response to the lack of women on this list:

    I typically follow web and graphic designers on Twitter. They make up about 95% of the people that I follow. A survey just released today (recorded throughout 2009) by A List Apart reports that out of 25,954 “People that make websites,” 82.6% of them are male. The results were almost identical in 2007 & 2008.

    The web/graphic design community seems to currently be made up of mostly males and that can be seen throughout the web. Take a look at the All-Stars in the right sidebar of dribbble – As I’m writing this there are 15 men and 2 women listed, right around 13%. This doesn’t mean that men are better at designing interfaces, websites, web graphics etc. but simply a reflection of the ratio of men to women who are in this profession.

    That being said, I believe that there are plenty of talented and creative women in the design world. I see more and more of them emerging each day. Just because this list is male dominated, please do not let that reflect on your impression of me. I will continue to keep my eye out for creative women designers as their numbers continue to grow within the community.

    – Shawn

    • Rachelle Heffron

      Well said and I couldn’t agree more. From a woman’s perspective, it is clear that there are more men in the design world than women. That can be seen throughout most design community websites, as you stated. I also agree with you that our numbers are growing, at a slow rate, but growing.

      Excellent list BTW!

  30. Nicki

    I totally agree that the list reflects the ratio of men to women in the industry. I’m just interested why that is, as I said before its the same with chef’s and hairdressers, plenty start out at the bottom, but its mainly men at the top? BTW I don’t actually have an issue with this and I’m not into saying women are discriminated against at all, at least I’ve never found this to be the case!! Maybe its just the baby thing and generally women’s careers aren’t as important to them (and I know some womens are!) but generally I mean. Are men more skilled or just more confident about their skills maybe??? More prepared to work the long hours culture??

  31. Great list! i like the layout. nice and simple and informative.

  32. JG

    JG Tweets about all things design and Sports. He is a Graphic Designer for the Orlando Magic.

  33. I would like to suggest Naina Redhu – @Naina – a (recent) photographer and (long time) logo & brand designer at

  34. Oğuz Kaan Gökçe

    Thanks, Great list but you missed me :) // Follow Me! :- )

  35. Suzie Wong

    Gee … there are some new kids on the Block which are awesome:

    A Weblog about Snow, Skate, Design, Apps …


  36. I’m honored, dear Shawn! Thank you very much for the mention, the double mention.

  37. Suzie Wong

    … and this recently started one about photography:

  38. Great list buddy!! I follow or i followed some of them mention here.

    Some are the usual suspects, others you mention here as webexpedition, cheth and you are some of the new blog design juice that i really like to follow :P

    keep going the great work! cheers

  39. Great post with great persons. I will follow some of them. Count me too.

  40. Nice list, i would ad @DavidAirey to it.

  41. For graphic design and street art, take a look here :

  42. Nice list. I want to be on it some day. lol Good short descriptions on each person too.

  43. nice list.
    many creative people around me.

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