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Shawn is a designer who has a love for the subtle details that go into quality web and graphic design work. He also pushes the buttons behind the scenes of Bluefaqs. Follow @shawnramz

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100 Beer Bottle Caps For Inspiration

Two years and a month ago, I opened one of the best Christmas presents I could’ve ever imagined, a subscription to a particularly nice Beer of the Month Club. I’ve always been a fan of craft beers, but not just for obvious reasons…

Poster Designs

45 Creative Poster Designs

One of my favorite forms of finding inspiration from the works of others is through poster designs. The large canvas opens up a variety of options for designers to display their creative skills in many different forms. Some are minimal and focus more…

Twitter List

Creative People You Should Be Following On Twitter

Twitter is quickly becoming the number one source for design related links, tips and talk. It’s just an excellent platform for sharing the abundance of creativity that can be found within the design community. That being said, there are certain…

50 Remarkable Black And White Images Of People

50 Remarkable Black And White Images Of People

In photography, we often rely on color to help define the images that we capture. When this variable is eliminated from the equation, it completely changes the way that images are shot and even perceived. Other elements such as lighting, shadows…

Watercolor Text Effect Tutorial

Create a Watercolor Text Effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at a quick and easy way to execute a watercolor text effect in Photoshop. By combining the right font, an awesome set of brushes, a filter and a few other subtle techniques, realistic watercolor text is a breeze to…

Free Logo and Heading Fonts

20 Free Fonts Ideal For Logos And Headings

In this collection of fonts, I wanted to focus on a few that generally work well for use with logos and headings alike. Easy to read fonts that carry a nice strong appearance with just a hint of class. Whether you’re working on a clean design or…

random images showcase

50 Really Cool Random Images For Your Inspiration

Over the past couple of months I’ve set a folder aside in my browser specifically for random pieces of inspiration that have caught my eye. Anytime I came across an image that I thought was rather cool, I dropped it in the folder. In no time the…