labeled cuts of meat

Freebie: Labeled Cuts Of Meat – Pig

Grab this hand-drawn labeled cuts of meat of a pig for free. It’s made completely out of vector shapes and is available in Photoshop and Illustrator formats as well as a free grunge brush that I threw in for adding a bit of a vintage look.

Beer Bottle Cap Inspiration

100 Beer Bottle Caps For Inspiration

A collection of 100 beer bottle caps that feature some very inspiring designs. These are mostly from smaller craft breweries that I collected through a beer of the month club over the past couple of years. These could be great for logo inspiration.

Poster Designs

45 Creative Poster Designs

I’m a huge fan of poster designs. In this collection, we will explore some very unique poster designs that are obviously created by some very talented people. Most have a retro feel to them, but a few are more modern. They are all great eye candy.

60 Amazing Typography-Based Posters

Designing a typography-based poster that actually works is not an easy task. With the spotlight turned towards the typeface itself, many different variables from placement to color to the chosen font all have to work together. Not everyone can pull it…

Pencil vs Camera Showcase

Brilliant Examples Of Pencil vs. Camera

The Pencil vs. Camera series sprung from the mind of an artist by the name of Ben Heine. The basic concept is to take an existing image, lay a torn piece of paper over it and let the pencil and creativity flow. This crossbreed of photography and sketching…