60 Creative and Inspiring Festival Posters

One event that almost every city in just about every country shares is some type of annual festival. They come for a day maybe a week to spread their fun and joy and then they disappear until the following season. As a patron to many local festivals throughout my life, I’ve always been impressed with the posters designed to spread the word about these events. They’re typically full of beautiful color and typography designed to grab your attention while also providing details about the upcoming festivities.

Chicago Film Festival

DIT Fest 2009

Film Festival

International Opera Festival

Anatolie Poster

Passatges 2010 Poster

Festival SHH…

Shh… Festival 2009

Film Festival Poster

10th Jiffest Poster

Festival Film Asia Afrika

Electronic Festival 2008

Festival Poster – WIP

Deep Blues Music Festival

Jackson Hole Music Festival

Treasure Island Music Festival

Cabaret Electronico

Shelter Music Festival

Jazz Festival

SF Ocean Film Festival 2008

Free Fest ’07

White Rabbits

Poster Shh… Festival

Poster Shh… Festival

Open House Festival

open house festival

Oregon County Fair 2009

Cartaz – Colombo

Sephardic Music Festival 2008

Music Festival Poster Redesign

Jazz Festival Poster

La Pedrera Short Film Festival

Music Festival

Just For Your Eyes Festival 09

Doorzomer Strikes Again

European Film Festival

UKA 08 Poster

The Cans Festival

Reel Brazil Film Festival

Killeen Arts Festival Poster

Ordkalotten Poster


Wild West Film Fest

Multizvuk Festival

The Stoics – Forest Festival 3

SZiget Festival

Middle Eastern Film Festival

JKCF ’10 Poster

JKFC '10 Poster

Bohemian Nights Poster

French Film Festival 2008

XX Merge Festival Poster

Bonnaroo 2009

Glastonbury Poster


Burning Man 2008

Stencil Festival ’06

Nisei Week 09- 27

Festival De Danza Y Musica

El Amante Latino

Deep Blues Festival

Spokane Literary Festival


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  1. Great collection of posters…varied designs and techniques all executed well. Love the Lollapalooza poster illustration of the dog!

    Love the post.

  2. Whooaaa at the burning man poster..the details is amazzziingg.

  3. These are awesome and very inspirational. Booking marking this post for sure.

  4. Loving the Cans Festival and Stencil Festival posters.

  5. Tim

    What an amazing collection! Definitely one for the archives.

  6. These are just awesome. Thanks for posting!

  7. Some great ones, particularly link jiffest

  8. Stefan Huska

    Nice collection :) Also look at the Slovak Pohoda Festival http://www.mojamuzika.sk/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/POHODA09_teaser_poster_press-720×1024.jpg

  9. So great examples. Thanks for sharing. See also http://emberapp.com/tjtodo/images/annecy-2010-poster

  10. Cool collections of Posters. Nice inspiration dude!

  11. michelle

    inspired…definitely inspired!

  12. thanks for getting the creative juices flowing once again. Some techniques displayed here might end up in my 2011 Billtown Film Festival poster. http://www.billtownfilmfestival.com

  13. wow, really beautiful stuff!

  14. Mr. A

    some great work dude!

  15. keep them coming!

  16. Website Designer Kent

    Some great work here. A great place to come and get some inspiration.

  17. I forgot to mention. Just for your eyes festival example has given me some great ideas for a project I am working on. Thank you.

    More more more please.

  18. iamWILL

    these are awesome posters guys…CUDOZ on all the inspiration #le”go

  19. Bronagh Lynch

    Where can I buy some of these amazing posters?

  20. Øystein is King

    Wow !!!
    Awesome posters.
    they are really inspiring.

  21. Leo

    The Festival CERVANTINO poster looks so cool

  22. denis


  23. denis

    Nice Poster :D

  24. Couponnonstop

    Nice Posters!

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