30 Functional Concrete Textures

30 concrete textures

If you’re needing an urban/ grungy feel for a design that you’re working on, you might consider using a concrete texture as a starting point. I’ve used several of these textures in past designs and thought that it would be a good idea to go ahead and round them up for easy access. This list is made up of some of the better looking stock concrete textures that I have come across.

Concrete Textures

by frozenstocks

by quansie

by fantasystock

by mdpratt

by pqueiroz

by mdpratt

by jaqx

by superstar-stock

by hope72

by wchild

by mifti-stock

by poprostubono

by martinlsaac

by blackpa

by kameleonklik

by irie stock

by logicalxstock

by gp stock

by funeralstock

by tnemgarf

by hope72 stock

by hope72 stock

by cranial bore

by scarystock

by pqueiroz

Concrete Texture Packs

7 textures by lilshadow

4 textures by ro stock

10 textures by fudgegraphics

5 textures by frozenstocks

5 textures by powerpuffjazz

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  1. These textures will be very useful. Keep up the great work!

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