60+ Well-Designed RSS Icon Sets For Websites

60 RSS Icon Sets

Having the right RSS icon to match your website is key to attracting new subscribers. If you’re in the market for a new RSS feed icon, or just looking to spice up your existing one, this list should guide you in the right direction. So lets get started, here a current collection of 60+ Well-Designed RSS Icon Sets For Websites.

RSS Metal Grunge Icon | ThrashATL

RSS Metal Grunge Icon free for personal website use.

Metal Grunge RSS

RSS News | skingcito

Two icons for RSS news.

RSS News

RSS Icons | nam0

A set of 3D shiny RSS icons for dock and desklet.

rss icons for dock and desklet

Black Glossy RSS Icon | iwz

A free black and glossy RSS icon.  Available in .jpeg format.

Black Glossy RSS

RSS Icons | comicanton

Simple RSS icons for your blog.  Includes matching Facebook and Twitter icons.

RSS icons

Grungy RSS Button | xxxevilgrinxxx

A grungy coffee stained RSS icon available in four different sizes. There are also matching Facebook, Delicious and Digg icons.

Grungy RSS button

RSS Lite | IconBlock

RSS lite – 0 grams of pixel calories with only the finest ingredients.

RSS lite

RSS Icon | dedumber

Available in sizes 16X16, 20X20, 24X24, 32X32, 48X48 and 256X256 in ICO, PNG, GIF, and BMP formats.

RSS icons 2

RSS Icons | mata-mhari

Sticker RSS icons in .png 128X128.

RSS Icons 4

Blog | Aha-soft

Included in the Free 3d Social Icons set and comes in nine sizes.

Blog by RSS

Seasonal RSS Icons | helloicon

Represent the four seasons with these seasonal RSS icons.

Seasonal RSS Icons

Clear Bubble Icons | WebTreatsETC

A crystal clear bubble RSS icon included within a collection of 154 social networking icons.

Clear Bubble RSS Icon

RSS Icon for Websites | daGrevis

A nice clean RSS icon for your website.

RSS Icon For Websites

WebDev | IconTexto

30 icons including RSS in four sizes.


Paper Feed Icons | NarjisNaqvi

40 icons each available in two colors and four sizes.

Paper Feed Icons

Drink Web 2.0 Icon Pack | IconTexto

RSS drink icon plus 26 more available in PNG and many sizes.

Drink RSS

RSS Feed Bee | Ann Storer

This download includes .ai and .png file formats.

RSS Bee Icon

SweetOrange | devi-cry

A couple of .png RSS icons.

Sweet Orange RSS

RSS Feed Buttons | tom-sche

Three shiny buttons.

RSS Icons 7

Toast RSS Icon | zyenth

A different approach to the standard RSS icon.

Toast RSS

Feed Icon for Website | swapnilrane56

This icon download includes the .psd file as well as the .png.

Feed Icon

RSS 2008 | Vathanx

A sleek glossy 3D RSS icon available in .png, .ico and .icns formats.

RSS 2008

RSS Feed Button Pack | deviantdark

A collection of 18 different white background .png’s at 190X190 pixels.

RSS Feed Button Pack

RSS Icon .PSD | Wearwolfaa

Shiny icon made available as a .PSD file.


Grunge RSS Feed Icons | FrankaKo

Download includes three colors in sizes 32X32, 64X64 and 128X128 plus a bonus floral style icon.

Grunge RSS FEED Icons

Alternative RSS Icons | MouseRunner

Round, square and pill RSS icons in .png, .ico and .icns.

Alternative RSS Icons

RSS Icon Pack | Thirteen-Aut

This pack contains animated and non-animated RSS icons.

RSS Icon Pack

RSS Icon or Logo | Technigma

A simple RSS icon/logo.

RSS Icon or Logo

RSS Icons – PNG | Valen23901

Four RSS icons in the colors orange, green, blue and pink.

RSS Icons 3

RSS Feed Icons | Oliuss

Four colors in sizes 32px – 512px.

RSS Feed Icons

RSS Feeds Icons – Bottle Caps | neoworxspace

Comes in five colors as .png’s for your blogs.

Bottle Cap RSS

FreshIcons | devi-cry

An orb-like RSS icon plus 10 more designs in 256X256 .png’s.

Fresh RSS Icon

RSS Icon | blogeeks

Grungy looking icons in 250X250 and 50X50.

RSS Icons 5

RSS Feed Icons Pack | Mirica Dragos

Three icons in .ico format – sizes 32X32, 48X48, 64X64, 128X128 and 256X256.

RSS Feed Icons 2

JD RSS Icons | z-dark

Stylish RSS icons with the .psd file included.

JD RSS Icons

RSS1 | MouseRunner

Some basic RSS icons in many formats and sizes.


New RSS Icon | StylishLabs

A set of vector files featuring some really nice RSS icons.

Stylish Labs RSS

(MAX) Icone Blog – Set1 | Webfruits

This set includes icons for Del.icio.us, Flickr, Technorati, YouTube and of course RSS, each in several colors.

max icone blog rss

Feed Icons | Perishable Press

A collection of feed icons available in .png.  The set  includes two large 500X500 pixel RSS icons as well.

RSS Icons 6

RSS/Feed Icons | Dirceu Veiga

Smashing Magazine released this set back in 2008.

Smashing Magazine RSS

RSS Icons Orb v2 | nam0

A set of orb RSS icons.

RSS Icons Orbs

RSS Heart | Allwin Samuel Jeba

25 multi-colored .png heart RSS icons with .psd included.

RSS Heart

RSS Reader | twinware

Icons are available for Mac, Windows and in .png.

Rss Reader

RSS Feed Icons – Paper | neoworxspace

Several color options in the .zip file.

Neoworxspace RSS

RSS Feed Badges/Icons | TopTut

Some relatively large RSS Icons available in 10 different colors.

toptut RSS

Beer Fest | l2design

Some alcohol related RSS Icons.

Beer RSS

RSS Icon Freebie | PS graphix

Four different colored icons in .png with the .psd included.

RSS Icon 7

RSS Dock Icon | AlperEsin

3D icon in .png format.

RSS Dock Icon

CS4 Styled RSS Icon | YaroManzarek

A very clean CS4 inspired RSS .png icon in three sizes: 64X64, 128X128 and 256X256.  PSD included.

CS4 Styled RSS

Grunge RSS Banners | Graphic Identity

Six different colored grunge RSS banners 600X135 pixels in .png.

Grunge Style RSS

RSS Feed Icons – Shirt | neoworxspace

Several different colored RSS feed T-Shirt icons.

RSS Shirts

Brand New RSS FEED Icon | RockstarTemplate

A mug of beer made into an RSS icon.  It’s making me a little thirsty.

Brand New RSS

Xmas Feed Icons | Fasticon

Five feed icons for the Christmas and holiday season.

Xmas Feed RSS

16 RSS Round Texture Buttons | gojol23

Choose from 16 different textured RSS icons.

Round Texture RSS Buttons

NewsFire | barrymieny

Flaming RSS icons in five sizes.

Newsfire RSS

RSS Feed Icon Photoshop Shapes | Dani

Here is a collection of RSS shapes for Photoshop.

RSS Icon 8

Glossy RSS Icons | Garcya

May your RSS shine. Four colors available.

RSS Icons 9

RSS Buttons | gojol23

Here is a set of icons with the .PSD included.

RSS Buttons

My RSS Logos | Corpse-Keeper

A set of high-quality RSS icons with the .PSD included.

My RSS Icons

StickerFeed | bati1975

Stick these sticker feed icons on your blog.

Sticker RSS

RSS Stamps | tayzar44

Some simple RSS stamps in the .png format.

RSS Stamps

World’s Biggest RSS Button | HaveLaptopWillTravel

A giant 2000X2000 pixel RSS, just for fun.

Largest RSS

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