50+ Free High Quality Apple Icon Sets

Free Apple Icons

Lets face it, Apple icons are cool and especially when they are free. Thanks to the many generous designers on the web, there are some really amazing apple related icons available to download for absolutely no charge. In this post I have sifted through the numerous icons that are out there and compiled this list of more than 50 Free High Quality Apple Related Icon Sets.

Hardware Icons

iPhone 3G Icons | bigkobe

iPhone 3G Icons

Apple Icon Superpack | Svengraph

Apple Icon Superpack

Apple Tablet Icon | Kobhen

Apple Tablet Icon

iMac | Bobbyperux

iMac Icon

iMac Generation Icons | Nando Albuquerque


Apple LED 24″ Display Icon | intelnode

Apple LED Display Icon

Archigraphs Macs Dock Icons | Cyberella74

Mac Dock Icons

Alumi Macbook | gpersaud

Macbook Icon

Icons 2 | lecoupdulapin

Icons 2

Apple Laptops | Glossll

Apple Laptops Icons

The Anodized Behemoth | KamilkazeOOX


Mac Pro | taxO

Mac Pro Icon

White eMac | iScooter

emac icon

The iPod Family Icon Pack | zen-nikki

iPod Family Icons

Ipod Shuffle | kjtgp1

iPod Shuffle Icons

Apple iPod Nano 4th Gen | CASHMichi

iPod Nano 4th Gen Icon

iPod Classic Icon | MattSaf

iPod Classic Icon

Apple Remote | ManjiXIV

Apple Remote Icon

Apple Remote | Bobbyperux

Apple Remote Icons

Speaker iTunes | sketched-dreams

Speaker Icons

Airport Express | DDrDark

Airport Express Icons

Apple Power | MrForScreen

Apple Power Icon

Icon 4 Mini Mac Setting | lecoupdelapin

Icon 4 Mini Mac Setting

Apple TV Black Edition | pwn247

Apple TV Black

Apple TV | D3LM3L

Apple TV Icon

Apple TV Icons | Dan Wiersema

Apple TV Icons

Apple Keyboard | djeric

Apple Keyboard Icon

iMouse | !ScUme

iMouse Icon

Desktop Icons

Perfilux Apple Folder Icon | seedling-design

Apple Folder Icons

iWork And iLife ’09 Icons | dktr

iWork iLife Icons

Camino Icons | Flarup

Camino Icons

Black Aqua Safari | Plexform


Apple HDD Icon | Balling

Apple HDD Icon

Nu Hud Drive Icons | seedling-design

HUD Drive Icons

iPhone Style Settings Icon | YaroManzarek

iPhone Settings Icon

Metal and Glass iCal Icon | vailaholic

Metal Glass iCal Icon

Folder Like MacBook For Win | sarumonera

Apple Folder MacBook Icons

Black Leopard Icon Set | DecompositionBeauty

black leapord folder icons

Colorflow 1.2 e2a Apple | subuddha

Metal Folder Icons

iPhoto, Preview Icon For Mac | ExtendedCreativity

iPhoto Preview Icon

Archive Utility Icon | UnderclassHero

Archive Utility Icon

Wooden Safari | kano89

Wooden Safari

Apple Logo

Weathered Apple Icon | Stratification

Weathered Apple

Colorful Apple Logo Icon Set |Evil-Slayer

Colorful Apple Logo Icon Set

Apple Rainbow Icon | semaca2005


Mac 3D Icon Set | LeMex

Mac 3D Icons

Apple Logo Icons | Thvg

Apple Logo Icons

Candied Apples | MouseRunner

Candied Apple Icons

Various Icons

Mac Box Icon | 29MiCHi92

Mac Box Icon

Apple iPod Battery Dock Icon | SemanticOne

iPod Battery Icons

iTunes Button Set | jaytheasianman

iTunes Button Set


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  1. Great collection, thank you for the sharing.

  2. Edwas

    Hi, bluefaqs.com – da best. Keep it going!

  3. thank you very much for featuring my ipod shuffle icons! I”m honor and I appreciate the support! thanks again!

    • No, thank you for making them. We need more creative designers like you who can deliver such high-quality work.

  4. Carrie

    Very creative icons. love it!

  5. Agustin

    Muy buenos!!!!

    Very nice!!!

  6. Pei

    It’s really amazing!
    Thank you for these.

  7. MentalVegetarian

    Absolutely beautiful Icons. Thank you very much!!

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