25 DIY iPhone Docks And Stands

diy iphone docks stands

If you don’t want to dish out the cash for a dock or stand that didn’t come with your new Apple iPhone or iPod Touch, then consider making your own. Some are very simple and stripped down to a basic design and others are complex and even gear driven. Either way, they are all do-it-yourself and not purchased from the store.

Paper iPhone Dock | Dessine moi un objet

Download and print out the template for this paper iPhone dock. Comes with video instructions on how to set it up.

Paper iPhone Dock

iPhone Binder Clip Dock | gizak

A 10:00 video on how to turn a bunch of binder clips into an iPhone/iTouch/iPod dock.

Binder Clip iPhone Dock

iPhone Box Dock | iPhone Savior

Turn your iPhone box into a fully functional dock.

3GS Box iPhone Dock

iPhone Anti-interference Shield/Dock | behrensgroup

Here is a creative way to use a Red Bull can to make a dock for the iPhone. There is also a claim that this dock will eliminate interference with nearby speakers.

Red bull iPhone Dock

Automata Wooden Crank Dock | Murtaza Lakdawala

This one involves some carpentry skills, but here is a way to make a wooden gear-driven iPhone dock.

Wooden Crank iPhone Dock

Recycled CD iPhone Dock | Geeky-Gadgets

Use some old CD’s or DVD’s to create this DIY iPhone dock.

CD iPhone Dock

Laser-cut Acrylic iPhone Dock | todbot

This one may not be so much of a DIY, you’ll need access to a laser cutter. The end result is pretty slick though.

Acrylic iPhone Dock

LEGO iPhone Rotating Dock | Bricks in my Pocket

You’ll have to break out your old LEGO’s for this one. Great idea!

Lego iPhone Dock

Box Mold Dock | Varun Thota

Another idea using components from the iPhone box and binder clips. No instructions, but easy to figure out from the eight pictures included.

iPhone Box Rest Dock

iPhone 3G / iPod Touch Dock | Voltage

Detailed step-by-step instructions for creating this dock.

Plastic Box iPhone Dock

NES Controller iPhone Dock | Geeky-Gadgets

Nintendo fans can make a classic dock from their NES controller.

NES Controller iPhone Dock

Tree Trunk iPhone Dock | Geeky-Gadgets

Brink the outdoors in with this tree trunk dock.

Tree Trunk iPhone Dock

The Rotary Phone iPhone Dock | Geeky-Gadgets

Combine old tech with new by creating this DIY rotary phone iPhone Dock.

Rotary Phone iPhone Dock

iPhone Packaging Dock | ironfisttiger

Another DIY using packaging from the iPhone and the iPod Shuffle.  Works in landscape and portrait.

iPhone Packaging Dock

Lego iPhone Charging Dock | jordanknoxpolk

There is no shortage of LEGO docks and stands. Here is a complicated one with a funny ending.

Lego iPhone Dock 2

iPhone Paper Clip Stand | deanying

Simple effective DIY stand using paper clips.

Paper Clip iPhone Stand

Polaroid iPhone Stand | Unplggd

If you have any old Polaroid film cartridges laying around, and are willing to sacrifice one for your iPhone, then here is a DIY stand option.

Polaroid iPhone Stand

Pencil iPhone Stand | Geeky-Gadgets

Take 5 pencils and some rubber bands and what do you get? A tripod iPhone stand.

Pencil iPhone Stand

The $100 iPhone DIY Stand | seoge

Don’t spend $100 on an iPhone stand. Use $100 to make one yourself.

100 Dollar Bill iPhone Stand

Simple iPhone Stand Using Binder Clips | Instructables

Another idea using binder clips.

Binder Clip iPhone Stand

Plastic Packaging iPhone Stand | Nathan Barry

Another DIY idea using the contents of the iPhone box to create a stand.

Plastic iPhone Stand

DIY iPhone Airplane Holder | Hodenmumps

Tire of holding your iPhone on the plane. Check out this nifty idea. Here is the original article (not in English).

Plane iPhone Stand

Credit Card iPhone/iPod Touch Stand | hondahater21

Here is a DIY credit card stand that fits in your wallet for portability.

Credit Card iPhone Stand

Cassette Case iPhone Stand | ndarwin

Simple technique that provides a stand and a case for carrying your headphones.

Mini DVD iPhone Stand


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  1. I have 2 DIY iPhone dashboard mount projects on my website. One of them uses Legos too.

  2. Joy

    Cool* Blog Stuff … thank you for information !

  3. James Hale

    They are awesome man init

  4. Grey Sadler

    I tried the binder clip construction…except I only had 3 little clips and one ginormous 2″ clip…that didn’t go so well. THEN I just pulled out the arms on the big one, and flipped them back where one lies on the clip and the other sticks out at a 90º angle…Voila!
    DIY Rocks!!

  5. JJ

    Check out this up-cycled CD shelf iPhone stand: http://minimalistos.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/minimalist-iphone-stand/

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