20 Creative Flash Websites

20 Creative Flash Websites

Flash websites don’t always get the attention that they sometimes deserve. When it comes to graphics, sound and interactivity they con often prove to be quite an experience for the user. In this roundup, I scoured the web and found a collection of 20 Creative Flash Websites that are worth checking out. Some use 3D animation, some interact with music, and some are just plain weird.

1.  Easier Than Reading

Create a puppet from many characters such as Bush, Hugh Hefner, Amy Whinehouse and many more. Add your own voice and movement to the puppet directly on the site and email it to friends. Some of the commentary will have you cracking up. Kids may want to stay a way from this site.


2.  Labuat

An interactive musical website where you get to draw the music you are listening to using a brush that reacts to the music, lyrics, and your movements.


3.  Pencil Rebel

Pencil Rebel is an experimental website that provides a unique, interactive experience. Navigate the Pencil Rebel through a maze of puzzles made up of mixed media and flash.


4.  Cheestrings

Create your own character and interact with other users’ characters in a strange world where flowers seem to puke rainbows. Give it a try.


5.  Frito Lay Dips and Chips: Made For Each Other

Scroll through a strange world and connect characters with their respective matches while interacting along the way.


6.  Pretty Loaded

An archive or preloaders that preload other preloaders. It shows off some of the creativity that designers have put into flash preloaders. You can also download a pretty cool screensaver from the site as well.


7.  XM Wild Ride

Drive your car through 4 distinct towns based on genre (Rock Town, Sports Town, Urban Town, Country Town) each containing their own soundtracks and identities.


8.  Nokia – Music Almighty

Plug in the virtual headphones and find out what kind of rocker you are Pink Poper, Animal Rocker, Electro Blipper, Table Turnin’ Hopper or a Philharmaniac.


9.  Victor Taba

Welcome to a trippy world of unique sounds and imagery that follow the mouse. This site contains some beautiful vector graphics.


10.  Try Drugs

An anti-drug site that gives an experience of what it is like to be on certain types of drugs. Try clicking next while on the cocaine experience and watch as your pointer arrow quickly jumps around and snorts lines as you make the attempt to continue to the next page. Don’t let the boring screenshot turn you away from this site.


11. Flash Earth

A Flash based map of the earth based off of websites such as Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Mircosoft Virtual Earth, NASA and more.


12.  Flickr Time

A digital clock interface represented by thumbnail pictures of uploaded pictures from Flickr. Hover and click on thumbnails to get more info about individual images.


13.  Stuntman

Take stuntman, your new action here toy, and throw him into cars, trash cans and other objects to help relieve stress after a long day.


14. Know The Signs

Look into a bar through Closed Caption TV and try and spot the drunk. A website from Heineken.


15.  Neave. TV

An experimental use of creative videos uploaded to Blip.TV, YouTube and Google Video. This is one weird compilation of video clips.



An interface that wants to be navigated through special circumstances. Whatever you do, dont click the mouse.


17.  Spam Recycler

Watch uploaded email spam turn into beautiful pieces of art. Add your own spam to contribute to the recycling.


18.  Spectra Visual Newsreader

Interact with msnbc.com’s variety of news. Add specific channels to a floating menu that features a webcam color sensor, Newscollector and a 3D automode. This is a whole new way to view up-to-date news.


19.  Monoface

Click on the hair, eyes, nose, and mouth to change the face. You can create some very strange faces with this, as you can see in the screenshot.


20.  Tilt Viewer

A new interesting way to navigate and view photo uploads of Flickr’s most interesting images.



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