50 Images For Personalizing Your Google Homepage

Earlier this month, Google announced an awesome new way to personalize their homepage search. For those of us with an account, we can now select any image/photo from our own computer or choose from the thousands of images located in the Picasa public gallery to use as the background image to Google search. In a search for the perfect image, I’ve hunted down 50 photos ideal for personalizing the homepage.

Rainer Martini | Paris Mai 2010

Carlos Hoyos | Supervivencia

Charlene | Wellesley College Greenhouses

Thomas | My interpretation of a famous Van Gough paiting

Max | Pferdlandschaft

Lei | Verdugo North Traverse

Elliot | Monterey Bay Aquarium

Shady Enbashi | blog0006

Mike Wiacek | Photos I Like

Santhosh | Sunset at Rio

Hari Jagannath | Belize 2009

Geoff Stearns | Jellyfish

Carrie | Peru Highlights

Chris | Shuttle Discovery Launch

Gábor | Tájkép / Landscape

Darcitron | Unnamed

?? | Blue Poison Dart Frog

Truewonder | True Calling

Dalei | American Falls At Night

ErickaJoy | Horizontal Mambo

Mike | Rusty Roof Barn

Jordan | Favorites

Tumlumtumla | randomMess

Mike Wiacek | Field of Dreams

Romain Guy | Colorful Street Lights Bokeh

Simon Tong | Caribbean Footprint

Piaw | Great Ocean Road

PenguinOpus | Ripples in the still water of Anartica

Sara | Kilimanjaro Trek

Bordgious | Nature

Jordan | Favorites

BalouLumix | Skyline, Lower Manhattan

Leanne | Bush Impressions

Stuart | Car – Local Museum

Essi | Water Drops

Orcaowl | Wildcats

Leanne | Award Winners

agirlcalledjohnny | Astronomy

Marty | Jellies in the Oceanografic

Mike Wiacek | Tunnel View

Picasa Team | Badwater Road

Hiteshwar | Guitar

BasislagerJuis.10 | Tunesien – Duny New Year

Buster | Buster’s Mix

Joe K | Cherry Blossom & LYMT

Alan T | Lanyon Quoit & Ding Dong Mine

edy.c. photography | Touching the Volcano

Lei | Anacapa Island, New Years Day

Jumy | The Pillar of the Sky

Max | Sonnenblume

Need help installing?

Changing the Google background image is quite easy. Go to Google.com and look in the bottom left corner of the screen. You should see a “Change Background Image” option. After clicking, a window will open offering several different options for choosing an image. You can either save one of the images above to your computer and point to it using the “From my computer” option or do a quick search in the Picasa public gallery for the title of the image you’re after.


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  1. I too was happy to hear that Google added the option to personalize. I love the Jellyfish one, 6th from the top. Great collection Shawn!

  2. Nathan T.

    These are great! I love the Badwater Road one.

  3. Sharron Tiggs

    I love this roundup, particularly the one that you used at the top of the list. Beautiful images.

  4. Wow, these are beautiful! Thanks so much for this collection. :)

  5. Simply… WOW!

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