30 Helpful WordPress Video Tutorials

When it comes to learning about WordPress development, there are literally thousands upon thousands of tutorials to choose from. There are tutorials covering from the most basic install of WordPress to digging pretty deep into plugins and theme development.

While 90% of these tutorials are written, there are a growing number of video tutorials making their way to the web. I find video tutorials to be much easier to follow along with when compared to something written or typed out. It helps tremendously to actually see exactly what is going on rather than being given a couple of screenshots for each step.

WordPress Videos

Hodgepodge of WordPress Tricks (43:00)

A collection of mini-tips covering numbering comments using PHP, improving WordPress search, setting different styling based on the post ID and much more.

Designing for WordPress: Part One (16:00)

A walk-through for designing for WordPress including initial installation and uploading the Starkers theme. This is a 3-part series, so make sure and follow up with Part 2 and Part 3 where Chris talks about some more advanced functionality.

Advanced Uses for Custom Fields in WordPress (47:48)

Custom fields are chunks of data that travel along with posts and pages in key/value pairs. This data can be pulled out and used in your templates as you choose, allowing for all kinds of smart and interesting things to be done.

Building a Website (3 of 3): WordPress Theme (50:59)

Part 3 of the Building a Website Screencast where Chris shows you how to take the HTML and CSS, created in Part 2, and convert it into a WordPress theme. Checkout Part 1 where the initial design is mocked up in Photoshop.

New Features of WordPress 2.9 (9:30)

An overview of new features in WordPress 2.9.

How To Make a WordPress Plugin (4:41)

A short video on how to create a a WordPress plugin.

How To Run WordPress on Your Windows Computer (8:50)

Take advantage of XAMPP to develop or test WordPress themes on your local computer.

WordPress Tutorial Custom Post Background (2:50)

Bradley talks about implementing custom backgrounds for individual posts. Instead of custom coding, he looks at an easy-to-use plugin that works quite well.

Setting Up a Member/User Directory in WordPress (7:12)

As the title implies, this is a video tutorial showing how to set up a member/user directory behind the scenes in WordPress.

Using CSS and Blockquote (2:53)

Watch this video to see how to use the blockquote icon (the indent icon) and CSS formatting to make an otherwise normally-formatted paragraph change color, change position, and italicize.

WordPress Tutorial: Uploading Large Files (4:12)

Depending on your hosting environment, you may have run into time-outs or errors when trying to upload large files in WordPress. In this video, Bradley walks you through how to upload large files inside of WordPress.

How to Install and Optimize Thesis Theme for WordPress (8:50)

A step-by-step tutorial showing you how to set-up and install the popular and highly-customizable Thesis theme.

How to Design a Portfolio Website, Part Two (38:48)

In this 30 minute screencast, Elliot Jay Stocks walks us through how to design a web portfolio site. He focuses on coding the design in HTML/CSS and then integrating WordPress as a CMS. Check out Part 1 where the design starts to take shape.

10 Tips to Make WordPress Hack-Proof (15:46)

A look at updating/hiding plugins, changing the DB prefix and turning off errors, deleting “admin”, creating .htaccess file and a whole host of other useful security tips. Beware of low sound quality.

WordPress Tutorial Photo Galleries (4:59)

WordPress has a few options built into the core that allow you to add a gallery of images. This video will walk you through uploading images, adding them to a WordPress gallery, but also how to add them one by one to a post so you have a bit more control over the layout.

Advanced WordPress Thumbnail Generation (15:41)

Thumbnails in WordPress themes are a critical part of relaying the topic or aspect of the article/post you’ve written. With some simple tricks you can add your own to your theme.

WordPress for Designers – Day 1: Installation (5:05)

Part 1 in a series of 7 screen-casts guiding helping you to become a better WordPress designer.

WordPress for Designers – Day 2: The Admin Panel (18:10)

Before diving straight in and developing a WordPress theme, it is vital that we understand the basics and have a solid foundation to begin our theme development. This video examines the WordPress admin panel and explores some of the features.

WordPress for Designers – Day 3: Creating a Theme From Scratch (21:10)

In part 3, you will look at creating your own theme from scratch. You will get a close look at how exactly to go about setting up your themes stylesheet and information, as well as creating the index.php page. In addition, you’ll examine WordPress template tags, what they are, and how to use them properly.

WordPress for Designers – Day 4: The WordPress Loop (22:30)

In this episode, you will have your first look at what is known as the WordPress loop. You will be using the WordPress loop as well as some handy template tags to start pulling out and displaying content from your database.

WordPress for Designers – Day 5: The Sidebar (24:20)

In part 5, you will learn how to split and call your separate theme files and include them in your theme. You will also look at some very helpful php functions and useful WordPress template tags to create a widgetized sidebar.

WordPress for Designers – Day 6: Splitting Up Theme Files (19:59)

This episode will teach you to split up your theme files in order to allow for more flexibility when working with your theme.

WordPress for Designers – Day 7: Widgetize (21:42)

In part 7, you will be creating a few more files from scratch. You will also finish making your sidebar completely widget ready and have a look at what that means and how it works.

Quick Tip: How to Use the New “Post-Thumbnail” Feature in WordPress 2.9 (4:02)

Up until the release of WordPress 2.9, setting up “post-image” support for your blog was a bit more tedious a task than it really needed to be. Luckily, that’s no longer an issue.

A Crash-Course in WordPress Plugin Development (34:48)

Despite an extensive codex, many WordPress users remain unfamiliar with how to create their own custom plugins. In this screencast, Jeffrey will walk you through the steps to build your first plugin completely from scratch.

How To Add Twitter To Your WordPress Blog (7:46)

Integrate your twitter account with your WordPress, Blogger, Typepad or other type of blog to syndicate your content across your network of network marketing and attraction marketing websites.

How To Create a Sitemap Page in WordPress Websites (3:55)

How to create a sitemap page in WordPress, so that your visitors can see all your posts and easily browse through them.

WordPress Tutorial – Make a “Back to Top” Link (9:14)

This Advanced-level WordPress Tutorial shows how to insert a “Back to Top” link in a WordPress Page or Post.

How to Make a “Child” Page (Subpage) and How To Hide Sidebar Widget Link (10:38)

Learn how to make a “child” page of another page in WordPress and how to hide a link the the pages sidebar widget.

Enable HTTPS (1:56)

WordPress.com recommends using HTTPS when visiting administration pages for security reasons.


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