10 WordPress Plugins For Adding A Contact Form

contact form plugins

If you have a contact page on your website or blog, it is almost standard to now have a contact form embedded somewhere within it. There are several different ways to add contact forms to your website. You can build it yourself pretty easily through a tutorial, you can pay someone to write up a custom form for you or you can do it the quick and easy way through a WordPress plugin.

01. cformsII

CformsII is a highly customizable, flexible and powerful form builder plugin, covering a variety of use cases and features from attachments to multi form management, you can even have multiple forms on the same page.


02. SimpleModal Contact Form

SimpleModal Contact Form (SMCF) is an Ajax powered modal contact form. It utilizes the jQuery JavaScript library and the SimpleModal jQuery plugin. SMCF has options to include certain contact form elements, like a Subject field and “Send me a copy” option for the sender.


03. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.

contact form 7

04. Visitor Contact Forms

Create stylish contact forms and sticky contact buttons web 2.0 style. There are options to add Google maps, Twitter follow, Skype status and more.

Note: You’ll have to sign up on their site to create the form and get the Form ID to plug into your WordPress admin panel.

visitor contact forms

05. Fast and Secure Contact Form

Fast and Secure Contact Form for WordPress. This contact form lets your visitors send you a quick E-mail message. Blocks all common spammer tactics. Spam is no longer a problem. Includes a CAPTCHA and Akismet support. Does not require JavaScript. Easy and Quick 3 step install.

fast and secure contact form

06. WP Flex Contact Form

Contact Form made in Flex / Flash. Since spam-bots can’t handle Flash (untill now 11-2009), this is a spam free solution for a contact form without using a CAPTCHA etc.

wp flex contact form

07. WP Contact Form

WP Contact Form is a drop in form for users to contact you. It can be implemented on a page or a post.

wp contact form

08. FormBuilder

The Form Builder Plugin for WordPress allows you to build complex forms in the WordPress administrative interface without needing to know PHP or HTML. We’ve tried to make it simple enough for anyone to make them, yet customizable enough to use for the most difficult job.


09. WP_ContactMe

WP_ContactMe is a free WordPress plug-in that provides you with a very configurable contact form. Allowing multiple subjects, user defined forms and also SPAM protection


10. Clean-Contact

A Clean, no hassle contact form plugin for WordPress, with advanced Spam protection that doesn’t require Captcha. Clean-Contact shields itself from Spam-bots, and optionally will filter messages using Akismet.



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  1. This plugin for jQuery Google Maps is pretty easy to work with too. http://www.mayzes.org/googlemaps.jquery.html

    • Shawn – Wow, I feel like I’m talking to myself :). Thanks for the link. I believe adding maps to the contact form is a nice little touch, especially for corporate and business sites.

  2. I really like Contact Form 7. The thing you didn’t mention is that you can add multiple forms, and insert them into your posts or pages using a simple tag.
    Also it’s very secure, and as you mentioned has captcha support which is great. I’ve been using it for over a year on multiple sites and never had a problem with it or gotten spam from it.

  3. From what I heard Contact Form 7 is very popular, not sure if popular means good, but I will try few of these plugins, Thanks.

    • Marko,

      Contact Form 7 is my favorite from the list and the one that I use here on Bluefaqs. I would try it out first, it’s quite flexible and easy to use.

  4. Really your post is fully informative. Thanks for such a nice post. Nice plugins.

  5. Elliot Dunn

    I recently accidentally foung your site and have been browsing along. I thought I would leave my 1st comment.

  6. Nimo


  7. All forms are pretty good and work fine, Thanks for sharing this post with us.

    Nice Post with nice plugins

  8. This is a awesome list of plugins, I found the form builder plugin is very useful as I can create from field according to my requirements.

  9. Thanks for the post, i use contact form 7 for my wordpress blog, btw i also listed out several free php form creaters in my last post , hope you’ll like it …php form generator

  10. great collection…thank you for sharing!!!

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