50 Winter And Christmas Themed Photoshop Brushes

With winter already bearing down on us and Christmas just around the corner, we will all be spending quite a bit more time indoors. This is the perfect opportunity to open up Photoshop and design something creative to celebrate the wintery season.

Snow and Ice

Rains Winter Brushes

Winter Brushes

Snow Brushes

snow brushes

Snowflake Brushes

snowflake brushes>

Snowflakes Brushes

snowflakes brush

Colorable Snowflake Brush Set

colorable snowflakes

Round Ice Brushes

ice brushes

Snow Brushes

snow brushes2

Frost Texture Brushes

frost brushes

Pixie Dust Trails Brushes

pixie dust brushes

Icicle Brushes

icicle brushes2

Icicle Brushes


Frosty Edges Brush

frosty edges

Ice Grunge Brush Set

ice grunge brushes

Snow Prints

snow prints

Futuristic Ice Age Brush Set

futuristic ice age brushes

Trees and Branches

Fall and Winter Tree Brushes

Winter Tree

Pine Brushes

pine brushes

Christmas Tree Brushes

christmas tree brushes2

Christmas Trees Brushes

christmas tree brushes

Christmas TwEeE Brushes

christmas tree brushes3

Winter Plants Brushes

winter plants brushes

Winter Branches

winter branches


Christmas Ball Ornaments

christmas ball ornaments

Christmas Ornaments Brushes

christmas ornaments

Christmas Decorations

christmas decorations

Christmas Wreaths

christmas wreaths

Wreath Brushes

wreath brushes

Xmas Brush Set

xmas brush set

Christmas Ornaments

christmas designs

Gift Boxes

gift boxes

Bow Brushes

bow brushes2

Ribbon Brushes w/ Effects

ribbon brushes

Ribbons Brushes

ribbons brushes

Decorative Ribbons

ribbons brushes2

Bows Brush

bow brushes

Assorted Collections

Christmas Brushes

christmas brushes

Holiday Brushes

holiday brushes

Christmas Brushes

christmas brushes2

Silent Night: Holiday Brushes

holiday brushes2

Christmas Brushes

christmas brushes3

Holiday Brush Set

holiday brush set

Christmas Brushes

christmas brushes5

MediaSlap Holiday Set

holiday set

Various Brushes

Winter Breeze Brushes

winter breeze brushes

Christmas Song Text Brushes

christmas song

Brushes – Christmas

christmas brushes4

Glitter Brushes

glitter brushes

Xmas Stars

xmas stars

Xmas Brush

xmas brush

Candy Cane Brush

candy cane brush


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  1. This is a really useful collection of brushes, as several websites (if they haven’t already done so) would be gearing up for christmas themed designs. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Shawn

    Thanks, this is a really nice round up of some great winter themed brushes.

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