60 Unique 404 Error Pages

60 creative 404 error pages

Maybe it was a broken link, a misspelled URL or some page you wrote back in 1997 that just needed to go. Whatever the reason, it’s inevitable that visitors are going to land on your 404 Error page.

Having a unique well-designed 404 Error page can help to keep visitors engaged with your site when they land on a missing or non-existing page. If you can effectively guide these visitors to navigation buttons or a search box and possibly even get a chuckle out of them, you just may win yourself a new loyal visitor.


Gdzilla’s 404 page is pretty creative and functional.  The text above the “Godzilla” links back to the homepage.  The neat little Godzilla graphic keeps it interactive by following the mouse with his eyes and growling at you when you click him.

gdzilla 404

CSS Tricks

CSS-Tricks was smart in his 404 design by adding a neat little 3d graphic showing a torn page revealing some CSS code in the background. He also point users in the right direction by suggesting the user look to the sidebar for some navigation or offering a contact link if they feel that the page should be there.

css tricks 404


Merge’s 404 includes a little audio as their graphic “harks” at you while also including functionality with a search option.

merge 404

Version Industries

How about a video 404 page.  Version Industries has a pretty unique 404 displaying a video from the POV of a webcam of what appears to be their (IT guy?) wearing a 404 shirt just staring at the computer working.  Refresh the page to change characters.

Verizon Industries 404


The 404 of Zivity lets you know that the page is gone, tells the user that they still care for them, and then gives them some page navigation.

zivity 404

Urban Outfitters

You can always keep it simple like Urban Outfitters does with their 404.

urban 404


Fluther puts a face to the missing 404 user adding a bit of humor.

fluther 404

CSS Leak

You could always offer a completely irrelevant option to your missing page as does CSS Leak.  In an attempt to find some non-existing CSS inspiration they offer up a couple of drink recipes.

css leak 404

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard lets you know that you broke their site when you type in non-existing links.

blizzard 404


How about an interactive DOS 404 page like THCNET has.  Try typing “open the mailbox” to start the adventure.

thcnet 404

The Hype Machine

I like the creative use of a billboard sign that The Hype Machine uses on theirs.

hypem 404

Woodland Farmers Market

This one is pretty creative “feel the 404ce” – via Woodland Farmers Market

force 404


Hi,I’m uses a little Pulp Fiction humor to inform you of the missing page.

hiim 404


The 404 by Soocial is pretty clever and also hard to look at.  It provides a funny fill-in-the-blank email form to let the team know how you ended up on the page and also throws up an image of a gun-toting, package-revealing, mustache-bearing guy sporting a very unique outfit.

soocial 404


If you land on the wrong page over at Orangecoat, you can be certain that their flowchart can guide you in the right direction.  Note: Unless you have some amazing vision, you’ll need to click on the image link to be able to read the text on this one.

orange 404


The guys at Slonky have a pretty funny error page.  It reminds me of the Michael Bolton character in Office Space, minus the lack of hair.

slonky 404

Daze Of Our Lives

A vintage take on a 404 error page via Daze Of Our Lives.

daze of our lives 404


Dawdle got creative using a Mario Bros. screen-cap  to inform visitors about a missing page.

dawdle 404

Just Creative Design

Just Creative Design has a good one playing off of the phrase “Oh, Snap!”.

just creative 404


A classic 404 error page from Rush68 that touches on the subject of boredom.

rush68 404


Centerd uses the “I’m sorry” kitten face and a little humor in their 404.

centerd 404


This is one of my favorites.  Astuteo really nailed it when it comes to originality.

astuteo 404


Type in the wrong address at RomList and you will see the end of the internet.  Push the Shut Down… button to see whats next.

romlist 404


Here’s a good one over at rbardini.com.

rbardini 404


WeFollow uses a quote from Back To The Future for their 404.

wefollow 404

Itchy Robot

The simple ones are my favorite,  like Itchy Robot’s 404.  “Oh, Crap!”

itchyrobot 404

Your Web Job

You may find an unemployed page at Your Web Job.  This is another one that uses a search box as a way to keep the visitor on the site and away from the back button.

yourwebjob 404

Digital Mash

The wrong URL could possibly break the internet according to the 404 of Digital Mash.

digitalmash 404

Project Euh

This is a good one.  Click on one of the flashing empty images to continue the random journey.

project euh 404


Your requested URL could be lost in space – via GOG.

gog 404

Suspended Animations

Offering a sad face and some page links to get you back on track works for Suspended Animations 404.

Whoopsie 404

Blue Daniel

Blue Daniel has a very unique customized Flash 404 page.  Move the mouse around to interact.

bluedaniel 404

Acro Media

Here’s a good one from Acro Media.

acromedia 404

South Park Studios

You know South Park is going to have a good one.

SouthPark 404

Take Lessons

Using a design that fits your website can show users your creativity.  Take Lessons, a music lessons site, was smart to incorporate an image and quote from “The King” himself.

takelessons 404

Surfing On Static

Here is an interesting one from Surfing On Static.

Surfing 404

24-7 Media

This one has been around for a while, but it’s too creative not to include on the list. – 24-7 Media

247 404


Blame it on the ninja! – Twingly

twingly 404


Short, simple and a little funny.  They have a nice homepage too. – rareview

rare view 404

Auto Test

Here is another good example of incorporating your product with your 404 over at Auto Test.

auto test 404


A little Bono humor from Badmouth.

badmouth 404


AntxFx uses some symbolism in their 404.

antz 404


Make sure you read this one, its pretty funny. – CDHarrison



Here is one using a little political humor at PolitiFact.

politifact 404


I’d much rather have a mishap with a broken URL than a power tool. – NorthernTool

tools 404

TellTale Games

“Maybe this page is a figment of your imagination.  Maybe you’re a figment of your own imagination.”  A funny 404 from TellTale Games.

telltale 404


Keep hitting the refresh button for several funny “Fail” images on taptaptap’s 404 page.

taptaptap 404

Game Lib

I think it’s great that when you hit the wrong address at Game Lib that at least you get a free pong game out of the error.

famelib 404

Vintage Sleds

Along with mystery meats, apparently mystery pages taste like chicken too. – Vintage Sleds

vintage sleds 404


SouthCreative was being just that when they designed their 404.

southcreative 404


“It smells like dead badger!”  Here is an interesting one from Aardman.

Aardman 404


You may have not found that missing URL, but at least you found Kenzie.  – Rezgo

rezgo 404


Twitter keeps it simple with a search box and some page links.

twitter 404

Comedy Central

Comedy Central offers up a funny comic and then redirects you to the homepage after a few seconds.

comedy central 404


Snapple keeps with the theme of their site, bright and vibrant, and suggests you use the above navigation.

snapple 404


MailChimp uses their chimp icon in the design of their 404.

mailchimp 404

African Budget Safaris

Here is a funny one from African Budget Safaris.

safaris 404

The North Face

There is always the chance that a goat could have eaten the link. – via The North Face

North Face 404

Frye / Wiles

They did a good job on this one.  Another one of my personal favorites. – Frye/Wiles

fryewiles 404


If you’ve enjoyed this list, then take a look at Fab404.  The whole site is dedicated to 404 error pages.

fab404 404


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    another great 404 page that goes very well with the theme of the site http://dbookshelf.com/404

  8. The 404 page from Social is a clip from the movie ‘Zardoz’ (1974) starring Sean Connery – yes, it’s him in his youthfull days !

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    The best 404 error ever is at http://www.rathergood.com/404/

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