25 Clever Apple iPhone Concept Designs

25 clever iphone concepts

The Apple iPhone raised the bar for future cell phone designs when it made its debut in early 2007. Since its initial release, two more designs have reached the public through the 3G and the 3GS with very little change to the original look. Thankfully, some creative Apple fans have given us a glimpse on their take of the Apple iPhone through some really clever concept ideas.

Apple iPhone Concepts

01.  Chromatic iPhone

Same phone in a multitude of different chromatic colors. No more grabbing the girlfriends phone by accident.


02.  iPhone Air

Macbook Air meets iPhone.

iPhone Air

03.  Nouveau Concept

I love the flat black look on the back of the phone and the redesigned ‘Home’ button.

iphone concept

04.  Looking Glass

One of many clear iPhone designs.

looking glass

05.  Heir Apparent

“Crystal clear, thin, lightweight iPhone with the following features: fully functional Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, 3G compatibility, 64GB HD, 5 megapixel camera, and customizable UI (just to name a few).” – Robert Davis

clear iphone

06.  iPhone Unibody

Not much bigger than a credit card, this concept shaves the edges off the phone.


07.  iPhone Tint

Flash video support, titanium side panels and a cool contoured shape.


08.  iPhone Elite

Dual sliding mechanism, SMP camera with 3X optical zoom and loads more.  What does the iPhone Elite not have?

iPhone Elite

09.  iPhone Nano

I have a feeling this one may come true.


10.  Next iPhone

Another concept that changes the shape of the original design.

Next iPhone

11.  iPhone 4G

Inspired by the curves and tapering of the Macbook Air coupled with the touch’s back.

iChat iPhone

12.  New iPhone

This one focuses on changing up the GUI.


13.  iPhone Video Concept

This concept was created before the release of the 3GS, which of course does support video recording.  I think the curved design is pretty slick though.


14.  iPhone Nano

Another iPhone Nano concept.  Hmm…


15.  iPhone Gesture

“This is a gesture-enabled device that replaces the Home Button with a touch-sensitive area, placed beneath the phone’s OLED display.” – Ludwig

iPhone gesture

16.  The new iPhone

“A more stylish slimmer phone with a glossy high-resolution screen wrapped in an aluminum case ready to go with you.” – Matthew Winter


17.  Curved iPhone

I hope the curved concept catches on, it just makes the phone look more sophisticated.


18.  The iPhone Nano

Again, the Nano concept shows up.

iPhone nano

19.  iPlay

A little PSP competition?


20.  Blue iPhone

A complete redesign in this concept.



01.  iAqua 2

A very unique charging dock with a clear display underneath.


02.  iPetals

No more plugging in the phone with this idea.


03.  iHammock

“The life of an iPhone is hard and you know it. After spending the day searching for 3G and running apps, the iHammock takes the edge off. This dock is actually a sweet idea. Too bad it’s just a rendering.” – Joanna Stern


04.  iPhone Dock

Another cool dock featuring a clear display.

iphone doce

05.  E-Pod

This dock concept features a speaker, movie projector, alarm clock…



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  1. Fantástico!

  2. I did a design for a series of modular iPhone accessories, but never ended up getting the patent and seeing it through to production. Still nothing like it on the market. Here is a Flickr set with some rough mockups I did. http://bit.ly/8SsUMr


  3. Myname

    I love the clear one, heir apparent or whatever it’s cool, but I don’t know how u’d do it. Also the last of the acsessories, the E-pod strange name, idk y they used it but good concept!

  4. Geordyn

    I really love all of these ideas. I wish theyd come out all at once so i could choose which phone instead of having to buy a new one every year! I love the clear idea (heir apparent), it looks amazing, but i dont think it’d be happening any time soon, honestly. I feel like its too complex of an idea and will take a lot of years to perfect. The Looking Glass phone is honestly more appealing to me. But i was thinking, what if you dropped those phones? I’d be so afraid they’d shatter! Also, the iAqua looks stunning! That’d be awesome to own!
    All of these ideas are great and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next! And hopefully very soon because I need a new phone.

  5. Dalana

    I would buy the iphone elite today!!!! The slide out gaming system is awesome… as long as it supported nintendo ds games :-D I wouldn’t have to carry my DS everywhere anymore.

  6. iMan

    iphone Elite did it. Game Over

  7. iphone owner

    i love all of these great ideas

  8. gb99

    I am guessing it would not support DS but psp games.

    • gb99

      Actually, since it has a DS gaming controls might be DS instead of PSP

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