20 Free Script Fonts Perfect For Designers

There are literally thousands of free script fonts available throughout the web, making finding the perfect one a daunting task. We’re lucky that a few talented typeface designers release a free script font on occasion and, if we know where to look, we can add it to our type collection. Here I have listed 20 of my favorite free script fonts.


Clyburn - Free Script Font

Cylburn is a slightly elegant script font, one which I use quite often. Offered by the Lost Type Co-op, you choose the price from $0 on up.


Handletter - Free Script Font

Handletter has a bit of an urban feel to it and is provided by The Hungry JPEG. You’ll have to create a free account to access the freebies, it’s worth it.


Allura - Free Script Font

Allura has a very elegant style with a slightly wide stature. It can be picked up over at Font Squirrel and is shipped in one weight.

Mission Script

Mission Script - Free Script Font

Mission Script is slightly condensed and is a great option for signage. The download is offered by Lost Type Co-op, where you choose the price.


Nickainley - Free Script Font

Nickainley is a well-crafted monoline script that has a great flow to it. You can download it at The Hungry JPEG with your free account.


Pacifico - Free script font

Pacifico is a fun script font that was inspired by the 1950s American surf culture. Use it as a webfont or download it at Google Fonts.

Great Vibes

Great Vibes - Free script font

Great Vibes is a nice calligraphic script with some decorative uppercase letters. You can download it from Font Squirrel in its regular weight.


Gardenia - Free script font

Gardenia is a fun handwritten script that ships with a bonus of 90 different hand-drawn floral ornaments. You can get it for free from Pixel Buddha.


Variana - Free script font

Variane, with its medium weight and almost monoline appearance, is one of my favorites. You’ll need to create a free account at The Hungry JPEG to acquire it.

Honey Script

Honey Script - Free script font

Honey Script reminds me of a classic 50’s font. Also one of my favorites, it can be downloaded at 1001 Fonts in two weights.


Cookie - Free script font

Cookie is your standard script font, just the right amount of character and very legible. Google Fonts offers it as a download or as a webfont.


Lavanderia - Free script font

Apart from its style, the countless opentype features make Lavanderia a must-have. Pick your price from $0 on up at Lost Type Co-op.


Arizonia - Free script font

Arizonia marches to the beat of its own drum with its unique styling. It can be used as a webfont or you can download it to your computer at Google Fonts.


Bobbie - Free script font

Bobbie is a great handwritten typeface with just enough character to set it apart from pack. With your free account, you can grab it from The Hungry JPEG.


Reklame - Free script font

Reklame came out in 2010 and was influenced by the handlettering of advertisements from the 40s and 50s. Try out the demo for free and purchase, if you like, from MyFonts.

Wisdom Script

Wisdom Script - Free script font

Wisdom Script is a sturdy, yet unique script font with a nice medium weight. Another winner from Lost Type Co-op, you pick the price you pay for the download.


Rochester - Free script font

Rochester carries a very formal style that was inspired by the early age of Victorian and Art Deco. Use it as a webfont or download the .zip in Google Fonts.

Dancing Script

Dancing Script - Free script font

Dancing Script is a casual and playful font where each letter has a slight variation in size. Available in Google Fonts as a webfont or a download.

Alex Brush

Alex Brush - Free script font

Alex Brush has an elegant flow to it with nice and short ascenders and descenders. You can pick it up from Font Squirrel in a single weight.


Eastside - Free script font

I thought I would save the best for last. Eastside is a beautiful script font that I recently picked up and can’t seem to put down. Grab it from Lost Type Co-op.

Which is Your Favorite?

If I had to pick three favorites it would be Eastside, Variane and Honey Script. Did any of these stand out for you? Let me know in the comments section and feel free to call attention to any beautiful free script fonts that didn’t make the list. If you’re looking for a few paid script fonts that are worth the money, I recently added these three to my collection – Local Brewery, Nexa Rust and Sant’Elia Script.


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  1. Henry

    Nice collection! I love the Eastside font and just picked it up along with a few others.

  2. Samantha Greene

    Gardenia is a great font. I already had that one, but love the rest of these. I especially like the Alex Brush font. Nice images too.

  3. Wes Johnson

    Eastside, Variane and Pacifico are my favorites. I typically lean towards the more bolder and cleaner script fonts that don’t look so much like calligraphy. Thanks for the roundup!

  4. Rogie

    I love script fonts. I’m downloading several of these. Great list, Shawn!

  5. Sharron Tiggs

    I love the mockups you put together. I’ll be using many of these fonts in upcoming designs. Thanks!

  6. Andy Pickard

    Some great fonts here. The biggest difference between most free fonts and professional paid fonts is the number of glyphs available and as you mentioned with Lavandria, they typically have more open type features for adding more character to words or specific letters.

    Great list that I will most definitely use to add a few more fonts to my collection. Thanks!

  7. Joel Helin

    +1 for the Duotone images, you did a great job with them. I’ve used Wisdom Script, Lavanderia and Reklame for a while now. Some of these are absolutely wonderful. Thanks!

  8. Elena

    Beautiful fonts! I just downloaded Gardenia. Thanks to Stumbleupon I found this.

  9. Jeff

    This is a great font collection. Where did you get the image backgrounds? They’re very clean, love them!

    • Thanks, Jeff! I created each image by first grabbing a photo from this list, then cleaning it up in PS while also adding a Duotone color.

  10. Erik Holmes

    Variane is very nice! I like the more monoline script fonts like that one. Thank you!

  11. Fabio

    Can someone please upload the eastside font, the link of download is broken :/

  12. Richard L Parez

    Wow! cool and nice collection. Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. Seriesuke

    handwritten by the author.

  14. Artisangxc

    only a few survived.

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