70 Creative and Practical Uses of the Ampersand

When it comes to typographical characters, one cannot ignore the beautiful sweeping lines and shapes of the ampersand. While I would love to give you a history lesson on how it evolved from the combination of the letters E and T and then took on all of these crazy stylized looks triggered from the minds of a long line of designers, I wont. This post is focused more on the beauty of this stylish character and some practical uses as well.

For this article, I’ve rounded up a lengthy list of attractive and elegant ampersand characters both to provide a little eye candy and to also help inspire your inner creativity. You’ll see a variety of examples of how this symbol is being used in modern times and the many different shapes that it now takes on. At the end of the article, I have also provided a roundup of several different fonts that are great for making use of the character. Here are 70 Creative and Practical Uses of the Ampersand.

The Pretty Ones

Let’s start this post with several creative and inspiring examples of the ampersand character. Some of these were chosen for their sheer beauty, some for their strong colors, a few for their textures and others were just simply amazing. Whatever the reason, the examples below showcase some very interesting uses of this unique typographical character.

24 Line Poynder Ampersand Print

scratched ampersand

Painted Ampersand

painted ampersand

24 Line Ampersand – ‘Poynded’

wooden ampersand

Ampersand (New Kensington, PA)

3d ampersand

Ampersand on a Blue Awning

blue awning ampersand

Ampersand (Brackenridge, PA)

From Neriko & Sons Construction Truck

painted ampersand

Ampersand &


scribbled ampersand

Ampersand 2

My Ampersand for the Ampersand Show



Serif &


An Ampersand You Shall Have

And Baskerville


snake ampersand

Cork Board &

cork board ampersand


decorative ampersand

Ampersand &

& Poster

balloon ampersand


Pewter Number Ampersand

pewter ampersand


ampersand window


Moebius Strip Ampersand

Ampersand &

And The Ampersand

Ampersand &

Caslon Metal Type Ampersand &


Ampersand &

Awning Ampersand (New York, NY)

Creative: Ampersand Collection – Belgium Knot

Ampersand &

Ampersand on Cracked Glass

cracked glass ampersand

Recaf&ate Ampersand




haiti ampersand

Hhumbert7’s Found

Ampersand for my new font

Downtown LA

40 & …




Ampersand &


The Useful Ones

Now that you’ve seen many different creative examples of the ampersand symbol, let’s take a look at some practical uses by examining several different fonts which make good use of this curvy and sweeping character. Below you will find 20 different fonts all of which include an attractive ampersand symbol. The majority of these are free, but I couldn’t ignore a few paid fonts that stood out from the crowd. Check your fonts folder, you may already have them installed.

Note: Click on the image to be taken to the download source.

Wrapping Things Up

That’s all I’ve got for this post. Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration from some of the examples or maybe found a font or two that might come in handy for future projects. If you know of some great uses of the ampersand, a font that takes full advantage of the character or just want say a few things about this roundup, I’d love to hear your feedback in the comment section below. Thanks!


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  1. Nice one – really love the Ampersand. Very inspirational and creative article, thanks!

  2. Chris Herbert

    Great post! Many of these are awesome. I have one to add as well – Ampersandwich: http://j.mp/cK03Dt

    • Strangely, the ampersandwich makes me hungry. Thanks for the link Chris!

  3. gerry suchy

    Very nice – One of my favorite characters in the font world. Here is another resource worth sharing http://www.haafe.com/ Vector ampersands and Open Type fonts. Thanks for putting this up.

    • My favorite character, hands down. Those are some attractive ampersands in the link you provided. Thanks Gerry!

  4. Very inspirational article. Its really great to see how people can be very creative even in the simplest of things.

    Great stuff

  5. A great compilation of creative Ampersand.

  6. i love ‘&’
    Thanks for putting

  7. I needed a reference for a snake curling into an ampersand — never thought I’d find the entire character formed by a single serpent! Great collection of ampersands

    Here’s my monthly ampersand design project: http://amperart.com Subscribe — it’s fun & free.

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