70 Exceptional Examples Of Night Photography

When the sun drops behind the horizon and cities begin to illuminate their surroundings, the opportunity for spectacular photographs begins to arise. Low-light photography can prove to be a challenging task, yet with the proper technique and equipment the results are extremely rewarding.

Here is a collection of 70 Exceptional Examples Of Night Photography taken by some true professional and dedicated photographers. As the light began to dim, these photographers reached for their cameras and created true magic.

01. Positron

02. Sydney Opera House

03. Manarola

04. City Night Scenes Wallpapers

05. Malacca River Night Scene

06. Blue Hour

07. Night of Tung Chung

08. Thunderstruck Thessaloniki

09. The American Falls “Beauty at Night”

10. Marina Blue

11. Eastern Light-House at Erieau

12. Burning Rome

13. Fairies And Ogres Need A Rest Too

14. Fireworks at New Years Eve

15. Poisonous Darts

16. City Night View

17. Symphony

18. Interstellar Overdrive

19. Moonbow = Rainbow at Night

20. November Aurora

21. Geothermal

22. Light Painting

23. Human Pendulum

24. Davenport

25. Red Rocks, Blue Sky, Black Sea

26. Tropical Shadows

27. Northern Light Over a Turf House

28. Skybar #3

29. Quantum Photonic

30. My Favorite Space in Z58

31. Venetian Macau

32. Ameriquestbk80

33. City Night Scenes Wallpapers

34. City of Niagra Falls

35. The flower that blooms at night

36. Moonshine, Orion Rising on Vilano Beach

37. Good Night!

38. Hendry’s with Fog, Night

39. Disney – A Ride On The TTA at Night

40. Room Service

41. Lagoa

42. Ghosts of Rhyolite

43. Shoot that Bridge

44. Osaka Castle at Night

45. Night Photography

46. The Night Scene

47. IMGP-1707

48. Full Moon 2

49. Snow Shadows

50. Distant Moonrise

51. Triest

52. Fuji Stars

53. Traffic Light

54. Zermatt

55. Bench

56. Light Post

57. 230Y3183

58. Akureyri

59. Twilight Garage

60. Stunning Color of Senate Square – Helsinki

61. Nuclear Sky – Ghostly Water

62. 8:00 pm

63. Porto

64. The Observer II

65. Calgary Stampede Lightning

66. The Moon Through a Telescope

67. L1030375

68. The Dish

69. Hausboot

70. Tent3


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  1. Sam


    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Amazing examples of colors night fotos… keep going the good work!! i´ll stayed tuned for more inspired articles/ roundups :D

  3. Vil Pietersen

    Really nice :)

    Thanks for taking the time to put these all together, definately bookmarked this page…

  4. Webtoolfeed

    Wow, looks like i’am about to change my wallpaper. Great post keep it up!

  5. What beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.

  6. DaggerOfTruth

    Great collection!
    Thanx for sharing :)

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  8. Neil Adamson

    fantastic thanks for sharing ….

  9. Some really breathtaking shots in this collection, thanks for sharing them!

  10. Anne

    Wow. Just wow.

  11. What settings did u use for the moon picture?

  12. eri herniadi

    woooow cool and great

  13. eri herniadi

    nice and inspiring

  14. Amazing, i wish to visit to see northern lights someday

  15. Michael

    picture #6 is taken in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I like the spot, never thought of that composition, but as far as I know the bridge is not illuminated (anymore?), so I wonder if this photo was taken in a professional setting with extra lights or anything

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