60 Fire Brushes, Textures, Wallpapers and Tutorials

Fire Brushes Wallpapers Tutorials

You can find its fiery glow of fire used in special effects for blockbuster movies, print designs for various projects and many other uses where the yellow/orange glow of a flame is needed. If you’re wanting to include fire in your design, then browse through the list and see if you can find a brush, texture or maybe some inspiration to help you get you going.


Forest Fire Wallpaper | Jombo Sized

Forest Fire Wallpaper

A Warm Fire By The Pool At The Custom | Stuck in Customs

Fire Pit Wallpaper

Candle III | languitar


Swirl of Flame | bobwama

Fire Glass Wallpaper

The Trees Are On Fire | Tambako the Jaguar

Forest Fire Wallpaper 2

Light My Fire 1 | Daniel Y. Go

Matches Wallpaper

Playing With Fire | duane.schoon

Fire Twirling Wallpaper 2

Fireworks At Midnight | Mundilfari

Fireworks Wallpaper

JFK Gravesite | Joshishi

JFK Gravesite Wallpaper

Ignition 2 | Tambako the Jaguar

Lit Match Wallpaper

Fire Wallpapers | rubina119

Fire Wallpapers

Consuming Fire | monsieralex974

Consuming Fire Wallpaper

FireFish Wallpaper | aciddagger

Fire Fish Wallpaper


Fire Sense | JavierZhX

A collection of 11 fire brushes.

Fire Sense Brushes

Flames Fire Photoshop Brushes | redheadstock

16 brushes made up of various flames, including bonfires, raging fires and candlelight. Flames Brushes

Xplosion Brush Set | GspotSimulant

7 explosion brushes for uncommercial use.

Explosion Brushes

Scorching Flames Brushpack | Luexo

44 gigantic brushes consisting of flames, explosions and fire. Scorching Flames Brushes

Abstract Fire Brushes | Slayer0zZ

Abstract Fire Brushes

9 Fire Brushes | Resource42

9 high resolution fire brushes.

Fire Brushes 1

Flame Brushes | Sugar

13 large flame brushes.

Flame Brushes

Firebrush | suztv

This set contains 52 brushes for CS2 and up.

Fire Brush Set

900Kelvin | Axeraider70

900 Kelvin

Sharp Abstract | Sarytah

Sharp Abstract brush works great for creating abstract fire effects. Sharp Abstract Brush

Brushes + Tutorial | Vlademareous

Brushes Tutorial


The Fire Texture Pack | cloaks

5 fire textures.

The Fire Texture Pack

Fire Texture 02 | Fire Love Account

Fire Texture

Flame Texture 5 | designshard

Fire Texture 2

20 High Res Fire Textures | Frasio

High Res Fire Textures

Fire Textures | Elliptica

A total of 52 fire texture lights.

Fire Textures

Fire Stock | Aideon

Fire Stock

Burned Wallpaper Textures | spiritcoda

Burned Textures

Fire Seamless Tile | suicidecrew

Fire Seamless Tile

Fire Stock or Texture | CatBoyXD

Fire Stock Texture

Explosion | Glenn Charpantier/ IndigoSnippy

A digitally made explosion texture.

Explosion Texture 2

Lava Texture | Ayelie Stock

Lava Texture

Package – Blaze 8 | resurgere

Blaze Textures


Create a Fiery Face Explosion | Tom

Fire Smokey Scene Tutorial

Hell of Tutorial in Photoshop | abduzeedo

Hell of Tutorial

Dramatic Text on Fire Effect | Collis

Fire Tutorial

Set the Road on Fire | Fiery Darts


Ring of Fire Photoshop Tutorial | TutHQ


Making of Flaming Hand | Johnson Koh

Hand Fire Tutorial

Realistic Fire Effect | Photoshop Garden

Fire Wall Tutorial

How to Create a Flaming Photo Manipulation | Jayan Saputra

Fire Hair Tutorial

3D Text on Fire | Tyler

3d Fire Text Tutorial

Space Explosion Photoshop Tutorial | Tyler Bramer

Space Explosion Tutorial

Manipulating a WWII Fighter Aircraft | PhotoshopTutorials

Aircraft Fire Tutorial

Interesting Finds

Fire: Disaster in the City | millzero.com

Fire Disaster

Rememberance Day 2008 | ViaMoi

Canon Firing

Mangiafuoco | squarzenegger

Fire Blowing

Jocko Lake Fire, Montana | Mark Thiessen

Driving through fire

Apocalypse Wow | McNamara Images

Apocalypse Wow

Torch Fun | brailio.mora


Fireball | alecani


Fire | Sasha7d


Training Burn | Fitchburg Mike

Training Burn

Great Balls of Fire | moose malloy

Steet Art Fire

In flames… the big one | mad airbrush


Burn, Baby, Burn | Dave Fancher

Hot Air Balloon

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